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TSW Monday: Locking Down The Facility

August 6, 2013

last boss

If at first you don’t succeed…give up whatever the hell you’re doing and just go do something easier! A good tenet to live by, right up there behind “Let’s wipe it!” if you’re one of the Knights of Mercy working at picking off Elite dungeons in The Secret World. It is thus I found myself in the Transylvanian dungeon called The Facility this week, after our demoralizing attempt at The Slaughterhouse last Monday.

One thing I found interesting in this place is the number of atypical encounters — for example, “boss fights” with no real boss per se, or fights that don’t really require an actual tank. As far as TSW goes, this dungeon probably features more diversity in mechanics that any of the other ones I’ve seen so far.


I feel a little bit like Goldilocks when I say I felt The Facility was “just right” for our purposes; at where our group was last night in terms of gear and experience, it wasn’t too difficult but it certainly wasn’t a cake walk either. The first two bosses went down quickly enough to give us the confidence we needed, and really, there was only one fight in there that I would label a pain in the ass. More practice, and we could probably get this one on farm.


Down the rabbit hole…

Of course, it also helped that one of our guildies had experience with the instance, saving us the time and tears which would normally be spent experimenting with and learning the fights. But perhaps the most impressive part of the evening was the one-man showdown by PaganRites on the final boss encounter, which technically led us to pull off that one-shot even with the rest of us smooshed by the end and watching the action over the “Dead Cam”.

Well, crap. Does this mean that none of us can ever make fun of Pagan for anything again?


PaganRites soloing the boss…like a boss.

So, another instance down, just two more to go. One of these days I’ll get back to you, Slaughterhouse…


Screenshot Of The Day: The Slaughterhouse

July 31, 2013
Ick, these TSW vampires are real sickos.

Ick, these TSW vampires are real sick bastards.

In The Secret World this week, my Monday night posse and I thought to press on with the Elite dungeons we haven’t done and decided attempting the Slaughterhouse. As it turned out, that place is perhaps too aptly named. I won’t go into all the demoralizing details here, but fellow guildie Tententacles pretty much summed up our hapless adventures for the evening in his nicely written post-Secret Monday report.

On the other hand, such humbling experiences make me wax nostalgic for the early days of the game when it was new and each dungeon encounter strategy would boil down to “Well okay, gang, let’s just keep hurling our dead bodies at him until he dies!”

We’ve been crushing familiar content for a while, sometimes I forget it was the result of all the pains involved with learning and experimenting with the fights at the beginning. We all know how it is. While it was frustrating as all hell, it was also a fun experience with friends.


Screenshot Of The Day: Pleasure Yacht

July 24, 2013

I’m no fan of grinding daily quests, not even when it involves zipping around on a tropical island with a jet pack for Star Trek Online’s Risa event. But hey, a starship reward in exchange for a mere 3 minutes of my evening, for 25 days? I thought it was totally worth it. Behold my new Risian Corvette and its custom paint job!


Okay, look, it’s a pleasure yacht. If I can’t deck it in the most gaudy of color combinations and make it the biggest eyesore in the galaxy, then what’s the point? You can never go wrong with psychedelic neon pink and green, and if you look straight deep into its forward nacelles you might even imagine to see the clear and shimmering azure skies of a tropical paradise.

And like a tweep of mine pointed out, if anyone dares make fun of my new corvette, I can just tell them it’s painted lovingly with the blood of my Klingon enemies from Star Trek VI.

Anyway, following the age-old the tradition of naming all my ships on my main character after earth’s biomes, I’ve dubbed this newest monstrosity in my hangar “Reef”. It only feels appropriate.


TSW: The Knights of Mercy Shaken, Not Stirred

July 18, 2013

Okay. The Secret World team has seriously outdone themselves this time with the latest update Issue 7: A Dream to Kill. I know you’re all probably sick and tired by now of hearing me lament the fact that not more people are playing this gem of a game, but after experiencing this new update, I just gotta say it once again: Seriously! Why the hell aren’t more people playing this game?!?!?

Anywho, by now it’s clear that each update comes with a theme. For example, last issue was Last Train to Cairo, exuding major Indiana Jones vibes. And well, if Issue 6 was all “Indy”, then Issue 7 was all “Bond, James Bond”. It was just so awesome, I feel like I have to share.

Caveat: Here be spoilers! If you haven’t played Issue 7 yet and are planning to soon, you might want to skip this.

On Monday night, two groups of brave guildies from The Knights of Mercy gathered in Transylvania to start the mission chain. They say “Strength in numbers”, but I also say “Oh thank God I don’t have to go through this alone because this quest is creeping me the hell out!”


This? No, that’s not creepy at all!

And did I mention that I hate dolls? I never grew up with any, because they scared me. Those dolls with their glassy staring eyes, especially those that open and close them when you pick them up? GAH. Needless to say, there were some tough places for me in this issue. Dolls, dolls, dolls, everywhere. And when I see one sitting in the middle of a dark room surrounded by a haunting light and demonic looking circle, of course I just have to run up to check it out.

Pretty sure this is how a lot of horror movies start out.

It’s heartening to see that the TSW updates are still of such high quality, even in this tough economy when staff and resources might be more limited. Every issue has been solid so far, in terms of writing, voice work, cinematics, the whole shebang. There’s quite a while to wait between each release, but can you blame them? I’m just happy to know each issue is so well thought out and lovingly crafted; they really don’t skimp on the details, and that’s all a player can ask for.


Dude, relax, I just wanted to hug your bear. All you had to say was “no”.

The addition of snowmobiles for a section of this quest chain inevitably led my guildies and I into a discussion of the possibility of mounts or vehicles in TSW’s future. There were some ideas thrown around, like maybe we’ll one day be able to ride horses or scooters in game instead of sprinting everywhere at inhuman speeds. I personally liked the idea of Segways that someone suggested. I mean, how cool would that be?


Group shot with said snowmobiles.

This next pic confused me. It begs the question, why bother with a parachute when there isn’t even fall damage in this game? Granted, I suppose it would make for a much less dramatic leap from the exploding bridge.


Bond, Laeyn Bond.

Oh dear. The scariest sight yet. Pid dancing!


A break from the action, back to the horror.



I am in hell.

Bravo, Funcom, bravo. I am amazed and impressed (and I’ve wet my pants). Best issue yet!


The Companion Pet Haul

July 10, 2013

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the Gamer Chick household, and you can always tell that’s the case when I’ve been light on gaming, and my blog posts when I get around to writing ‘em also tend to be heavy on the pictures! Thankfully, all the things I’ve planned to do in my MMOs have been pretty accessible. This year feels like the summer of special events, events, events.

For one, I’m so glad that Funcom extended their anniversary celebration for The Secret World for a week, allowing me more time to hit all the world bosses and maybe try my luck at some of the event-exclusive loot. With my luck, I have a feeling it’s going to take a while if I want to go all completionist and collect all the companion pets and special eyepieces that drop from them. Truth is, I could care less about the gear — as you know, my obsession is with mini-pets.

Anyway, out of more than 10 boss kills so far in TSW, I’ve only gotten two. Ugh, I freaking hate this “random drops” crap. This Shem pet that looks like a pile of poop was the first I got. He’s so ugly, but I don’t care — he broke my long streak of picking up nothing but “celebration flares” and signet bags, so I love him!


Star Trek Online is also currently running their Risa summer event, and so far I’ve been a good girl doing my “Flying High” daily every day working towards earning my Risian Corvette. Once in a while and only if the hunt is up, I’ll collect a Horga’hn or two for the hell of it — which is why I was shocked when I actually picked up an egg.

Yeah, I hatched that sucker into a Risian tropical bird pet like there was no tomorrow. I ended up with the Seaspray chick, and honestly, one is enough for me.

Risian bird

I know I’m always lamenting about my poor luck when it comes to drops, but sometimes fortune does smile upon me, and often it’s when I least expect it. I run World of Warcraft LFRs on my Monk healer once in a while, hoping to pick up some gear upgrades in Throne of Thunder. The last run I did yielded none…but the Horridon kill did leave me with a Pygmy Direhorn, which actually made me happier than any piece of purple armor could.

pygmy direhorn


A Year Of TSW…Captured In Polaris

July 5, 2013

I’m still in a celebration mood for the 1-Year Anniversary of The Secret World. For the hell of it, here’s a gallery of some of the awesome folk (plus their outfits, of course) with whom I’ve had the pleasure of running Polaris. I like to think of it as like those damn cameras they place on roller coasters to take pictures of the most perfect and precious moments in life.


One of my favorite screenshots of any game ever.


Rocket Man and the Cowboy Bumpkin.

Aren't you...chilly?

Aren’t you…chilly?


The couple that slays together stays together.


Ma’am, that wasn’t very lady-like.


I know who you are from the color of your murderous eyes.


Someone clearly has not read Chapter 4 of the Templar handbook on the dangers of a flailing hammer on an airborne chopper.


I get pissed off every time I see this shot, due to being cruelly reminded of the fact female characters are unable to purchase “Brain Beanies”.


The Lone Ranger and the Prima Donna


How YOU doin’?

And our star:




Screenshots Of The Day: Parasailing is For Chumps, Jet Packs Are The Way To Go!

July 1, 2013

Star Trek Online’s Lohlunat Festival summer event has been running since late last week, opening up a new resort island on Risa, its pristine beaches bringing all manner of spacefarers to this tropical tourist planet. I could barely find parking for my spaceship and had to sleep behind the damn dumpsters because it’s peak season and all the rooms are booked up.

But man, the view is totally worth it:

Pool Boy

Helloooooo, Mr. Beefcake! Er, wait, sorry. You were thinking more of a panoramic seascape kinda view? Well, I’ve got some of those too:

Flying High

There are lots of new activities to do and even more rewards to earn, but the one thing I want to focus on for this event is obtaining the Risian Corvette starship. That means doing the “Flying High” daily for at least 25 days before August 2nd, which rewards 40 Lohlunat pearls a pop for a total of 1000 by the end of the grind.

Normally, I abhor these kinds of daily farms for anything, but Risa’s so beautiful I almost don’t mind at all.


The quest requires the player to rent or buy a “floater” (from here on out referred to as a JET PACK! because it just sounds so much cooler) and go around the island flying in whatever wonky patterns the game wishes you to do. Hey, you’re the boss, STO. I’ll do whatever you ask, as long as you give me my damn starship.


Whoa. Seriously, though. Can you imagine if STO had launched with worlds like this?


You can literally watch the sun go down. That’s what I was doing in the screenshot above, taking five precious minutes out of my Horga’hn Hunt to enjoy sunset and see the last rays of light disappear below the horizon.

Pretty unfortunate place to park a cruise ship right in the middle of the view though, I have to say.


And at night, the twin moons rising. Okay, when I’m done this silly little treasure hunt, I seriously gotta get my First Officer down here for some nookie.


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