Thoughts on SW:TOR

January 9, 2010

Star Wars: The Old Republic. Those five words have had me in a frenzy ever since I found out about its development. I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about an upcoming game. At least, this is the first time in recent memory where I’ve actually gone around chasing whatever information on this game I can get like a lost puppy begging for scraps.

As part of their weekly Friday updates, the official website for the game today revealed another planet. As someone who’s planning on rolling a Bounty Hunter, I’m glad the Sith Empire gets their version of Coruscant. However, while I love planet reveals and as awesome as Drumond Kaas looks so far, I have to admit a part of me feels a bit deflated that it wasn’t something more. Now, I’m certainly not nerd-raging here and I’m realistic enough not to have expected something huge like a beta release date, but I sort of was crossing my fingers for a player race reveal. But it seems the devs had other plans, and I’ll just have to be patient a little longer while the information slowly trickles in. Emphasis on slowly. Siiiiiigh…

On a related note, MMORPG.com named SWTOR as a runner up to Final Fantasy XIV in their awards for the most anticipated game of 2010. Their reasons for this choice lies in their doubts that SWTOR will even be released this year, and I can’t blame the decision. As the days start ticking by, I’m becoming dubious myself. Additionally, even if a 2010 release date was confirmed, it would not surprise me one bit if Bioware decided to push it back into early 2011. But hey, if that’s the price for a polished product, I’ll gladly pay it. Here’s to hoping that a release date will come sooner than later!

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