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Fresh from the Rumor Mill…

January 10, 2010

So the internet has been abuzz with the rumors that the next Blizzard MMO…will be a Sci-Fi FPS?

According to the French site NoFrag, an inside source has stated that the new game will take place in a futuristic universe and will feature two elements: a social life where players can interact with each other akin to The Sims Online, and a second life they can connect to which allows them to engage in combat, which is presumably where the FPS part comes in.

Like, wow. I knew Blizzard has stated that their new MMO would be completely different from World of Warcraft, but damn. Providing this rumor has any merit, this is farther than I thought they would stray. For some strange reason, I keep thinking Avatar. Or maybe, True Lies. Also, I never thought I would ever see The Sims Online and FPS together in the same sentence, or nay, same paragraph, even. Oh well, there have been stranger bedfellows. It would be interesting to see how this plays out, as some of the most rabid MMO players (and WoW fans) I know hate FPS games with a passion.