Fan Fridays Just Got a Little Better

January 15, 2010

The hype is still very much alive even after the news that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be due for a spring 2011 release. I went to the SWTOR website this morning and saw a new installment of the Threat of Peace comic…and what’s this? A Developer’s Corner in a Fan Friday?

Here we see some facial customization options, like the addition of scars and burns to your character. Not my thing (I prefer the faces of my MMO ladies blemish-free, thanks) but it’s still a welcoming confirmation to a lot of fans. But really, I wouldn’t have expected anything less from Bioware. There’s also a short clip of a big red shield on Balmorra being bombarded. Okaaaay. What’s this? Bombardment from space? PVP? Arg, stop teasing us, please.

I’ve noticed that people aren’t too generally interested in the Fan Friday feature, and I have to wonder if the new model is a direct response to some of the, um…less than complacent reactions of fans towards the release date window.

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