My Favorite MMO Cinematic Trailers

January 18, 2010

I have a confession to make: I love watching cinematic game trailers.

Cinematic trailers, however, often come under fire when critics point out that what you see is hardly ever reflective of actual game play, and this is especially true of MMOs. Still, that’s not really the point of a cinematic trailer, is it? Sure, some companies use them to showcase their character classes or as a means to tell snippets of a story in an attempt to fill out their lore, but in general, I think we can all agree that the sole purpose of the cinematic trailer is to feed the hype machine and not much else. In other words, make a game look as cool as humanly possible…and I’m totally okay with that. This blogger is all about the eye candy.

In this post, I present my top 5 epic MMOG cinematic trailers (because this list would get too long if could include other PC and console games) and why I like them. Also, I’ve never embedded a video into my blog and I’m just itching to test it out.

5. The Secret World

One word: Creepy. While it’s not exactly epic and has more of a “teaser” feel to it, this trailer gave me one of those “Um, holy crap?” moments when I first watched it. It means that The Secret World has gotten my attention, at least for now. As a trailer, this one gives the viewer very little in terms of what the game is about, but what we do know is that it takes place in a modern setting–a good thing, as I know many of us are getting a little tired of running through castles and old-growth forests.

4. Age of Conan

Another one from Funcom, and a classic example of “a good trailer does not a good game make”. To be fair, AoC was not a bad game, per se. By and large, what killed it for a lot of people was the instability and lack of content, both of which have been greatly improved since launch, at least from what I’ve heard. Back to the trailer: like the game itself, I appreciate it because it succeeds in staying true to the Conan mythos. Treachery and collusion? Check! Scantily-clad women? Check! Gratuitous blood and gore? Check! Pretty much everything you would expect from a rated M product. The Hyborian Age is a brutal place to be, and this trailer has all the ingredients that brings it to life.

3. World of Warcraft

The original World of Warcraft trailer still gives me chills every time I watch it. My favorite part has to be the night elf female running through the forest before taking a flying leap and turning into a panther in mid-air. What’s that? Why, yes, my main in WoW was a druid…but no bias from me here, really!

2. Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ah, the breathtaking, jaw dropping, pants wetting “Deceived” trailer. It’s almost embarrassing to admit how many times I have watched this. A truly epic cinematic trailer when you consider how in just a little under 4 minutes, it single-handedly manages to be better than Star Wars: Episodes I, II, and III put together.

1. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

I was never crazy about the game, but I am crazy about this trailer. On the surface, it’s of your typical “cover the classes” variety, but the people who made it obviously weren’t afraid to inject a little humor into their work. Game trailers tend to be of a serious nature so I don’t normally laugh at them unless the game looks ridiculously bad, but this one made me chuckle more than a few times because it was genuinely amusing. That said, this trailer is not without its moments of pure pwnage (the part with the sorceress and the ice shattering comes to mind). Overall very fun to watch!


  1. I love it !


  2. “A truly epic cinematic trailer when you consider how in just a little under 4 minutes, it single-handedly manages to be better than Star Wars: Episodes I, II, and III put together.”

    Ah, now I know what kind of Star Wars fan you are. In other words, a real one 😛 lol

    • Yep 😛 lol

      Sure, I’ll watch the Spike TV Star Wars marathons when they’re on, even when it’s the prequel trilogy…but I still can’t sit through them without having to /facepalm 😀

  3. i love the SW: TOR trailer!

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