Server Downtime Woes

January 30, 2010

Well, I had hoped to get another Star Trek Online update in this evening, but around 12:00pm PST, literally seconds after signing into the game, things started getting a little laggy before it went and crashed (maybe I’m the one who borked it.) I almost thought it was a technical problem on my end until I took a gander at the rampant levels of rage occurring on the STO official site’s IRC chat. Yep, server down. I guess I spoke a little too soon in my last post; for whatever reason, Cryptic seems to have encountered an issue that required maintenance.

Three and a half hours later, it looks like it’s just finally going back up, happening even now as I type these words. Guess I’ll have to try again tonight after grocery shopping and dinner, as I’m really not up to battling those 500+ server cues at the moment.

One comment

  1. At this rate, I will never get to play this game! I was making my character right when the server went down.

    Maybe this evening, or tomorrow?

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