Server Queue Woes

January 31, 2010

It seems all the problems I said I didn’t have on Day 1 are coming back to bite me in the ass.

Looking back at the last couple of days, perhaps this hasn’t been a very smooth launch for Star Trek Online after all. At the time of writing, I’m sitting in a queue at number 181 out of 682, but while the second number keeps growing by the minute, the first number has remained the same for the last ten. Is this simply a matter of Cryptic underestimating the popularity of this game (good problem), or is it something broken in their new queue system (bad problem)?

Update 1: Another ten minutes later, I’ve only managed to claw my way up to number 178, and they’ve stopped bothering to show the total  many players in queue all together. Well, the good news is the queue is actually moving–just very sloooooowly.

Update 2: Whoa, all of a sudden, I went from number 178 to playing the game, and so has my husband who had been somewhere in the 700s. My guess is that they’re using some sort of load sharing system and they’ve just brought a new server online, letting in a flood of players who had been waiting in queue. Well played, Cryptic, well played.

Update 3: In the end, the server loads won out after all. Guess I could always peruse the STO forums while the servers are down for emergency maintenance, as that’s almost always as entertaining as the game.

Update 4: Never let it be said that Cryptic doesn’t care. Despite all the hiccups, the devs are doing all they can to make the game playable again, and it shows. Servers are back up now, no wait queues, and the game is faster and more stable than before. Props to Cryptic.


  1. That is the most indicative screen capture possible – especially since it’s Romaine, who is already disliked for her crafting issues. hahah, well played!

    • Haha, I encountered this NPC for the first time last night and wondered at the reason for the throngs of players swarming her. And then I realized who she was and why when I talked to her for my quest.

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