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That’s Lieutenant Commander to You

February 1, 2010

Despite all the Star Trek Online server shutdowns in the last few days, I managed to level T’Androma to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. I am now officially past the point I reached in open beta, so everything will be new to me from here on out.

Of course, one can’t become a respectable Lieutenant Commander without a new ship. Say hello to my new Escort class starship, the U.S.S. Tundra.

My reasoning behind choosing an Escort: I’ve been playing defensive and support roles in MMOs for far too long! I want to be a glass cannon for a change, I don’t care if that means flying in one. I’m gonna walk into STO phasers blazing.

To celebrate this milestone, I’m going to do something I love: sharing screenshots! This series focuses on an aspect of the game that in my opinion has been underrated so far: the ground experience.

T'Androma ponders leaving the service to make her fortune selling Tribble condoms.

Mmmm...caramel asteroid popcorn.

T'Androma makes the Klingons regret saying she throws like a girl.

The crew looks on intently as T'Androma teaches a demonstration on fire safety.

Scanning objects for your iPhone can't do this!