Damn You, Commander Romaine, You Useless Space Wench

February 3, 2010

So, you’re a Star Trek Online captain who has taken your ship through countless systems completing missions for the Federation, and while on your travels you’ve scanned for and collected stacks and stacks of anomalous samples. At this point, you figure it’s time to “craft” and you take your hoard of mats to Memory Alpha. As usual, you go find Commander Jenna Romaine as she’s the only one who’ll talk to you until you unlock the next tier of scientists. In order to do that, she points out, you’re going to have to keep turning in anomalous data so she can help you upgrade the items you have. Except that’s what she always says! So you’re like, “What the hell, Romaine, I’ve given you tons of this crap already, throw me a bone here!”

If you’re like me and looking for some answers, the bad news is, there aren’t any. As of this moment, there’s still no known way to tell how far along you are to unlocking the next tier scientist. That’s the biggest problem I have with the crafting in this game right now, not the fact that it’s really more of a glorified turn-in system (I’ve come to terms with that — really, you’re still farming/gathering mats and just think of Romaine as a workbench/loom/forge etc. with legs). The community is currently hard at work trying to figure out just how much data you’ll need to hand in before you can progress beyond Romaine, and I’m following the discussion very closely because I’ve just about lost all motivation here, especially considering how I’ve already out-leveled everything the upgrades have to offer.

UPDATE! From STO release notes for the Feb 4, 2010 patch:

The scientists on Memory Alpha were expecting you to purchase far too many upgrades before they would allow you to speak to the next scientist. Players will now find that other scientists will unlock after purchasing a moderate amount of products (based on the item values).

Looks like people were correct in speculating about items having particular values. The turn-in amount required to unlock the next tier must have been lowered, so if you have been handing in lots of data to Romaine without success, try now to see if anyone else will talk to you! For me, I had sold about five or six Phaser Beam Arrays before the patch this morning and the other scientists will talk to me now. To emphasize just how useless Romaine is, she didn’t even tell me that the other scientists had been unlocked, so I actually had to run around Memory Alpha and check. Anyway, that link to the forum has a wealth of information for those who require more details (God bless the OP and the good people who worked on that thread!) and now let’s just hope Cryptic will implement a way to make this system more user-friendly.

Time to wipe that smug grin off your face. *cocks gun*



    Seriously, just look at that screen cap.

  2. Ahaha…I had to look that up.

  3. I agree here, to no end. I really wish there was some aspect here that told you what was going on. I stumbled across your site looking for this rare information =D
    The generic “craft 28 of stuff” seems a difficult bar to reach, considering some of the elements are so difficult to find.
    Ahh well, here’s to hoping they’ll put in some nice stuff for it.
    I did notice that items you do this to are not instantly bound to your character, like in beta. So now a fleet crafter is at least an option.
    In-game name is same as here. Feel free to friend me up. Currently Commander 5, and with a pretty cool bunch in game.

    • Yeah, I wish they’d throw in some sort of status bar or anything that would indicate how much you have to turn in. Right now, to me it seems to depend on the rarity of your data turn ins, red, green, blue etc.

      Sent you a friend invite in game, though I’m only LC 5 now!

      • Added you up, tried to message but got no response the other day. Just shoot me a message sometime if you need a hand with missions. I’m pretty close to captain, so I should be able to whip through anything you need done.
        Started a fleet movement to level crafters. Hopefully we can get them all done up.

      • D’oh, you must have caught me while I was afk. Sorry about that, I’m usually good about responding 😀

        I’m almost to Commander…can’t wait to get my heavy escort!

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