It’s the Little Things…

February 6, 2010

I was playing Star Trek Online just fine until one of the game servers must have crashed, so I figure I’ll take the time to write a quick post while I’m number 753 in the server queue trying to get back in. This one is dedicated to the little things we notice in our MMO games, the stuff that doesn’t affect gameplay but puts a smile on our faces nonetheless.

Three little things that make me appreciate Star Trek Online:

– The whirring sound the things in my inventory make when I move them around. Sometimes I click stuff randomly in there just to hear that sound effect. Easily amused? You bet I am.

– After a fight, I can kick the resulting debris and pieces of rubble around on the ground (though I think I might have been able to do this in Champions Online too, I can’t recall). The first time it happened to me, I was like, what the hell are those, space roaches?

– Overheard from an NPC on Earth Spacedock: “Have you seen Commander Sulu lately?”

On the flip side, three little things that bug me in Star Trek Online:

– I can customize my character and my bridge officers down to the shape of their eyebrows but I can’t make them smile? Right now they all look like they’re posing for their mug shots or a Canadian passport photo.

– The groups of NPCs patrolling the corridors on certain spacedocks can get so thick sometimes, turning a corner and running into them is like slamming into a brick wall. Reminds me of walking down a sidewalk stuck behind a family of five taking their sweet time and walking shoulder to shoulder.

– Warping out through a planet. That must hurt.

What little things do you notice?


  1. Hah.. on the negatives… ships being stuck in/on asteroids, yet firing away at you as you can’t target them!
    Also, I’ve been put inside a nav beacon on exiting a planet before. Sticky situation!
    Another: the way the AI tries to outflank / outmaneuver you to keep you from flanking them. Often they end up running into a wall, where you can melee them to death easier.

    On the plus… the character creator is pretty diverse if you want to play with it. I’ve seen everything from martians to Na’vi to… well, I’m not sure what they were! One looked close to the Tick though!

    • Oh my god, I know what you mean with that first one. It’s so bad that I wouldn’t even put it on here because it’s not a “little” thing to me. How is it that an enemy ship can continue to fire on me through an asteroid? Meanwhile, I’m awkwardly maneuvering around this gigantic piece of space rock trying to figure out how I can get at him!

  2. I would love to be able to save species settings separately from uniform settings. It would also be nice to designate a ship uniform that automatically mapped to all my bridge officers.

    While it is nice to be able to make custom aliens, I would like to be able to separate is a bit and actually make an alien preset both appearance and traits, that I could use locally with a name that would display whenever I looked at the character sheet. So it would say Male Kae instead of Male Alien.

    • Yeah, presets for custom species would have been great, and yes, at least a way to custom name your alien!

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