The Difference a Little Lighting Makes

February 8, 2010

Ugh, all this time I had been robbing myself of a better visual experience and I never realized it until now. First of all, I have to say I hardly ever play games on the highest quality settings anyway; even though my computer has some pretty good specs, it still runs better if I’m not taxing all its resources. Thus far, I had been running Star Trek Online with the video quality bar two-thirds of way (at the default settings for “Recommended”), which I’d taken for granted. As such, I never bothered to check the advanced settings. Well, I finally fiddled with them today, did myself a favor and made only a single change that made all the difference.



This might be a “no duh” thing to a lot of people, but I admit I’d simply accepted the default settings out of pure ignorance. As you can see, it’s definitely worth turning the lighting quality up to “high”, if your set up can handle it.


  1. Yes! As a “photographer”, I have to say that lighting is the stuff of life!

    That might be a little overdramatic, but seriously – most people do not understand the importance of lighting in almost every situation conceivable. In life. (I exaggerate)

    For example, even in the new photo, I would say that the type of lighting STO chose for those portraits is like a harsh lighting source. Not like conventional studio lighting that they use for photoshoots and the like. Such lighting would be much softer and diffuse (kind of like the original photo), with less glare and harsh reflection. It fills in the shadows more nicely, too. It definitely gives a different tone, so on some level it’s a matter of preference… But for lighting people, it’s often a good idea! I mean, they don’t call it a “beauty dish” for nothing! (A beauty dish is one example of a soft/diffuse lighting source that you use to light a person up.

  2. I’m the opposite – I cranked up my textures to 200%, but turned off dynamic lighting. In my book, I found it was too much a resource hog.

    But yeah, it does totally make a difference! :^) Maybe I’ll go back and try to add it back in…

  3. they make the boobs pop!

    • Ahaha, I knew if anyone was going to point that out it would be you. I noticed that too…it certainly wasn’t that bad when I created the character under low light…she just might need to go in for a breast reduction.

      • They definitely have more… luster.

      • If it were a real-life picture of someone, I think it would indicate that the costume designer made some cut and structural design choices for the suit in order to achieve that look. Then again, I’m neither a woman nor a fashion designer, so I’m pretty much making this up.

      • Yeah, they’re almost as big as her head! What a difference lighting DOES make, haha…but I don’t think I want to spend hard earned credits at this point to shrink the boobage šŸ˜›

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