Your Orders, Commander

February 8, 2010

Another milestone reached! T’Androma is now Commander T’Androma of the heavy escort starship U.S.S. Savannah. After a visit to the Earth Spacedock for some new equipment (gotta put all those exploration badges to good use, after all), the new ship is prepped and ready to go. I’m finding that the difficulty of missions is steadily increasing as I level, so I’m guessing continuous upgrades to my set up will become more important from now on. Also, expect to see some new crew additions in the next few days as I start accruing and delegating more bridge officer points to fresh candidates. I’m starting to see an interesting mix of abilities available both in space and on the ground, so I can’t wait to try them out.

And of course, no promotion post is complete without a screenie of the new ship:


  1. I love your naming scheme.

    Also, I love the Akira class. LOVE IT SO MUCH I might fly it, and skip out on the fugly Tier III science vessel.

    • Yeah the escort classes do look quite spiffy!

      And I’m going to run out of cool sounding biome names soon…

  2. I have my eyes on the Defiant, but am definitely looking forward to getting into the Akira soon. A nice bump in hull and crew will be a welcome change to my current glass-cannon.

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