I Fail at Juggling

February 9, 2010

Honestly, every time I start up a new MMO, I think I should just drop any and all others that I have on my plate. Looking back at the last week and a half, Star Trek Online has taken up most of my gaming time. The fact that it’s new and shiny probably has a lot to do with it, but I also have the tendency to throw everything I have into something I enjoy. Yes, that’s correct: despite all the controversy surrounding this game, I do find it genuinely fun to play…at least for the time being.

This is why I’ve never had more than two MMO subscriptions at any given time. Trying to juggle MMOs is virtually impossible right now, with STO having staked a claim on my already limited attention. My Lord of the Rings Online account has barely been touched since the STO head start, and I’m pretty sure my poor elf has already been evicted from her hobbit house due to lack of upkeep payments.

I find that times like these are great for evaluating what I’m playing and the reasons behind it. If I’m playing a game just fine until something else comes along to make me completely forget about it, then I want to know why. And that answer’s pretty obvious right now: space combat just trumps swords and shields. LOTRO is still a great game, but after years of dabbling in the fantasy genre, I suppose it’s just time for something different.

While I’ve been known to play several MMOs concurrently (and I realize I bounce between them like a crack addict between dealers), my gaming priorities will always be what entertains me most. In that sense, I guess I’m really a one-game kinda girl. It’s a wonderful time to be an online gamer right now with so many available options on the market, but time will forever be the limiting factor. Even if I do let myself get engrossed in more than one game at a time, I can still only put aside so many hours for gaming per week.

So it is with great sadness that I must say good bye to my LOTRO sub now before my STO one kicks in, in about a month. Until the Trek hype dies down, my characters will always be waiting for me in Middle-earth.


  1. Sorry MMOgamerchick, imma let you finish, but Bioware had one of the best video game releases of all time. OF ALL TIME!

    (i.e. what about you and Mass Effect 2?)

    • That’s definitely still going, slowly but surely…unlike MMOs, games like Mass Effect 2 unfortunately have endings šŸ˜¦

      So I’m trying to prolong the experience for as long as I can! Currently doing the stuff like exploring and prospecting for resources before I go on the final quest to save humanity!

  2. lol at that first comment.

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