STO Crew Additions

February 11, 2010

I know this is a central part of the skill system in Star Trek Online, but does anyone else find the fact that we can buy/sell/trade our bridge officers a little weird? Yes, they’re there for our skills, but they’re still supposed to be sentient beings, no? I mean, browsing the Exchange for BOs the other day made me feel a little like a lanista shopping for gladiators at a slave market.

But enough with the random thoughts. I wanted to continue the crew bios I had started, and playing around with my skills in the last few days has resulted in a couple of new additions to my crew.

Jaime “Pixie” Luciana

This tactical bridge officer replaces Moomoyquoa completely, due to redundancy in their skills and the fact that the latter was more of an experiment to make my own alien anyway. So, Moomoo and his pink-spotted purple ass is out, Jaime is in. Don’t let her appearance fool you; this petite officer is a powerhouse on the bridge and on the ground. Jaime’s very strong for such a small person, and her affinity for making things go boom automatically makes her T’Androma’s BFF.


Ronbua is my new “healer” on the ground, giving my other science bridge officer Sleer a much needed break. Ronbua’s files mention him being involved in a mysterious accident several years ago, but other than the fact it left him with a reserved personality and a giant scar on his forehead, not much is known about what happened. In spite of this, Ronbua can always be counted upon for his sage advice and more importantly, keeping our fearless leader and her crew alive.


  1. Dude, Ronbua us the coolest alien I’ve ever seen!!!

    AND I wouldn’t find it too weird, if we were buying BOs with Merit, the way we usually do. That make sense. Energy credits, though – that’s just Fed up.

    Here in a few days, I’ll post my new crew – my Tactical Officer is just too cool to part with!

    Also: once you’ve assigned a bridge officer to your crew, how do you trade them? Or can you only dismiss them?

    • The idea behind making Ronbua was that the in-game Saurians didn’t look lizardy enough for my tastes! I tried my best to remedy that, but there were still too many constraints, especially with the eyes.

      Anyway, I cannot wait to see your new crew! One of my favorite parts of the game right now is seeing what myself and others can come up with using the customization features. I also really enjoy your character bios šŸ™‚

      And I don’t think you can trade BOs that you’ve assigned. If you find out any different, be sure to let me know!

  2. That science officer looks awesome šŸ™‚

    • Glad you think so!

      Thanks for taking a look šŸ˜€

  3. I guess you could think of it more like using the energy credits to bribe the beings in charge of officer assignment.

    • LOL that’s a way to think about it.

      I do think the most messed up part is being able to put them up on the exchange.

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