Allods Online: Meet Avalea

February 16, 2010

I know I suck at juggling MMOs but…hell, when do I ever take my own advice anyway? Besides, Allods Online is a free-to-play, so I don’t feel guilty about making an exception for it.

I’ve followed my closed beta guild into the open beta which officially commenced about an hour ago, and since we get to keep our characters now through to launch, I’ve started an elven demonologist by the name of Avalea. While playing a Warden in closed beta has been a pleasant experience overall, the class did not exactly meet my expectations when it comes to the type of playstyle I was looking for. I decided I wanted to feel more like a caster, but I’ve also come to appreciate being a pet-class. I’ve since done some research into the other options, and reading about other people’s experiences with the Summoner has drawn me to the archetype, not to mention the whole prospect of “beauty, death and creation” is just so damn sexy.

The starting zone is a lag-filled, overpopulated fiasco I don’t want to deal with right now, so hopefully things will be a little better tonight so I can get a few more levels in.

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