When Good Bridge Officers Go Bad

February 17, 2010

What is the dumbest, most screwed up thing you’ve ever seen your bridge officers do in Star Trek Online?

For me, it was an altercation aboard another ship that devolved into an all out firefight with the bad Klingons. Blademasters were getting in my face, phasers were going off left and right, and grenades were sending everyone flying.  I still ended up decimating the enemy, but when I emerged from the chaos to celebrate my triumphant victory with my team…only three of them stood with me. “Um, guys, what happened to Donny?” His character frame was still there, showing all was well…but he was no where in sight.

I finally found him, near at the end of the instance, lying dead in the middle of a raging engine fire. In the confusion of combat, I hadn’t noticed that he had run on ahead, managed to get past several hostile groups of mobs and for all I knew, might have kept going if the fire hadn’t stopped him. This isolated bug has only happened to me once, but it sure was a quirky one.

The wayward bridge officer, ruined and extinguished.


  1. Haven’t seen my BO’s do anything dumb as yet. For the most part my BO’s don’t die that often or at all. If any of my Away group dies first its me and it don’t happen that often, but i’m probably the one to die first before any my BO’s if anything. They work fine just doing their thing.

    However one my Science officers have a thing for getting stuck behind consoles. I guess the BO’s movements need to be tuned or refined a bit. But I haven’t seem none of mine do anything really dumb as yet. Mine is a good bunch fortunately. I’m a Tactical Officer with a bit of tactical skills so dunno if that helps with mines.

  2. Let me get this straight. Donny goes above and beyond the call of duty, fighting his way forward despite the odds, dies heroically combating the flames threatening to engulf the ship – and you think he’s stupid?!

  3. Well, my bridge officers have actually done a very good job keeping me alive…which is actually quite shocking. I’m a tactical officer too, but when we wipe I’m always the last to die so I gotta give my BOs props in that department. But don’t even get me started on how they get stuck behind consoles, or sharp turns, crates, etc. They do that for me all the time.

    And hey, for all I know, Donny could have run from our firefight like a sissy, and in his cowardly panic tripped over something and fell face first into some burning flames 😛

  4. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA @ Donny /dancing in the fire.

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