Allods Online Cash Shop Prices…Seriously?

February 19, 2010

The cash shop in Allods Online went live after the update last night. And at the time of this writing, an overwhelming 95% of people in this poll on the game’s forums think that the prices are unreasonable. I’m inclined to agrree with the majority on this one. Here’s a list of items and their prices, which the original poster converted to US dollars.

Perfume x 1 = 75c
Perfume x 20 = $13.50
24 Slot Bag x 1 = $20.00
Holy Relic x 1 = $15.00
Myrh x 1000 = $1.00
Steel Chest x 1 = $1.00
Key x 1 = 10c
Crystal Chips x 10 = $2.50
Crystal Chips x 50 = $12.00
36 Slot Bank Bag x 1 = $15.00

One of the first things I had wanted to get in this game was a new bag. But $20 for a bag upgrade? That’s like 6 extra slots. $20? Seriously? That’s more than the average MMORPG monthly subscription.

I’m really hoping this is a mistake.


  1. unfortunately it’s not a mistake. its been live for too many days now. time to go back to your regularly scheduled mmo =/

    • Yeah, I saw the official response on the Allods Online website last night, but it’s still a mistake. Maybe not in the “oops, we accidentally added a 0 to the end of all the prices” sense, but it’s still a major screw up in my eyes. It’s not the end yet though, I think if the backlash hits hard enough, they’ll consider making those changes, which is why I think their response was so vague and neutral in the first place.

      I’ll still keep playing but I don’t think I’ll spend a dime until the prices become more reasonable, or until the hassle gets to the point I’ll have to quit.

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