A Visit to Oreshek Fortress

February 22, 2010

Despite the adverse reactions towards the prices at the Allods Online Cash Shop, populations on the game servers still appear to be alive and kicking. Perhaps many are like me, holding on to a glimmer of hope that the powers that be will eventually heed the community’s concerns and bring the Cash Shop prices down to more reasonable values. I’m weathering the storm until the time comes, so to speak, and if it doesn’t happen…well, the good folks at gPotato did claim we can “still enjoy the entire game without ever having to spend a single cent.” We’ll just have to see how true that is.

Anyway, last night was my first venture into Oreshek Fortress since closed beta. This time around, I was an Elven Demonologist — very different from a Warden, which was the archetype I played in close beta. For a lowbie instance, Oreshek’s not exactly a walk in the park. You start getting quests for it at around level 10, but most players will advise on gathering a full group of six with a minimum character level of 11-12 before tackling the place. To guarantee success, it is recommended that the group consists of at least a tank, a couple classes with crowd control abilities, as well as two healers for the fight against Oreshek’s toughest boss, Gudimir Belskiy.

Because I was a Summoner, the role of off-healer automatically went to me. The experience wouldn’t have been as challenging for me if our main healer hadn’t been a level 9, and I had my hands full between DPSing, using my Hellion pet as crowd control, and throwing back-up heals on the main tank, all the while making sure I was keeping my blood bank stocked up. But right then, I also knew I had made the right decision in choosing to play a Summoner. Doing that instance with my group was a wonderful opportunity to discover my character’s niche, and I just loved the versatility as well as the quick thinking involved when playing the class.

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