Exploding Starships Make Me Laugh

February 22, 2010

It’s no secret that I’m a Star Trek noob, so my research into the IP continues.

Last week, the executive producer of Star Trek Online said in an interview that they are considering adding a death penalty to the game. While implementing something like this after the game has launched isn’t going to be a popular decision with everybody, I’m inclined to agree that there has to be more of a deterrent against getting your starship blown up than a mere respawn delay. But then, what sort of death penalty would be appropriate? Somehow, the issue came up between me and my Trekkie husband today.

Thinking that maybe they could carry out a system like they used in the shows or movies, I asked: “Hey, sweetie? What happened to the U.S.S. Enterprise whenever it blew up?”

Him: “Well, it depends. For example, Captain Kirk never blew up the Enterprise, at least not in the original series. Every time it took a beating, they would just fix it up again. Picard, on the other hand…”

Well, that conversation got me no where in terms contemplating a fitting death penalty for STO, but it did pique my curiosity and lead me to conduct many online searches into statistics regarding the destruction of the Starship Enterprise. Inappropriate as it may sound, I find the idea of the Enterprise being destroyed absolutely hilarious, and I don’t know why. The Enterprise-D apparently appears to have been the most abused of them all, with at least 11 on-screen demises under its belt. It made me feel a bit better about my own track record, because at least I’ve never blown up my ship 4 times in a single episode!

No real death penalty means I deliberately exploded for this screenshot.

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