Back to the Hyborian Age!

February 25, 2010

Hard to believe, but a couple days ago, I found myself at a loss of what MMO to play. Allods Online? Too much drama and negative vibes abound. Star Trek Online? Still prevented from leveling against my will (never underestimate the power of a spousal-leveling agreement).

So, I did something I always promised myself I would do when the time was right again: re-subscribe to Age of Conan. Ah, where else can one see their character annihilated and beheaded by a rampaging, half-naked cannibal?

My character is such a hottie.

I’ve heard so much about how this game has improved, and I just wanted to see for myself. I only made a one month commitment for now, just to check things out. Upon my return, I found my level 47 Priest of Mitra waiting for me right where I left her, whereas my Bear Shaman seems to have disappeared, victim of the deadly lowbie purge of 2010. I jumped back into the game with both feet…only to be mauled to death by a pack of wild wolves not two minutes later.

Okay, so I clearly needed some time to adjust. That whole evening I was a walking noob moment. For instance, I played my first three hours not knowing my skill points had reset, so there I was, blasting away at enemies with the two hostile spells I had at my disposal all the while wondering why I was so damn gimped. Not to mention I was hopelessly lost. All these quests still in my journal and I had no idea where to go to complete them. Aarrgh, what is a girl to do?

Thankfully, right before I turned in for the night, I grouped up with somebody who not only helped me with a quest, he even invited me to the guild he runs. Upon finding out I was a re-subscriber, he proceeded to help me with all the things I had forgotten how to do, the main one being to find my way back to my city hub of Old Tarantia. He ran me across two whole zones on foot because I never got the chance to get my mount before canceling my subscription, and led me to the stables so I can get one as well as to the OT Wayfarer so I could bind to the city. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. Since then, I have been gradually able to get back into AoC. It’s more stable, I’m not running out of quests, and is it my imagination or does leveling feel faster? So far, I’m glad to see the game has been as welcoming as its community.


  1. she looks like adriana lima.

  2. Good to read.

    My whole family is waiting to return (my wife and my son play along with myself). We thought to hold off though until the expansion so we do not have the same issues you did. We will start from scratch and get back on board. I have had that same problem of feeling lost jumping into the middle like you did…
    Hope it goes well, as I really love the game, and wish Funcom could do more to fix it.


  3. Yay! I’ve always loved Age of Conan, but haven’t had the heart to play MMOs for a few months now. I’m going to fool around with DDO or the STO trial for a little while, then see if Conan calls me again. Have fun swashing around Hyborea.

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