Taris: It’s Not Just a Bunch of Ruins

February 26, 2010

Today’s Friday Update over at the Star Wars: The Old Republic site is a new Developer Dispatch! I remember calling Taris a pretty “big” planet reveal a couple weeks ago, and that might be more literal than I thought. In this video, the devs talk about bringing back Taris, calling it “symbolic” and one of the “major” planets in the game, which to me sounds like plenty of areas to explore and many adventures to be had. Players will have a chance to make a real difference, determine what will happen to this world. The Republic wants to rebuild it, the Sith don’t want them to. A sign of some PvP perhaps?



Even if you’re not interested in SW:TOR, if you were a fan of Knights of the Old Republic this video is still worth watching for a healthy shot of nostalgia. There’s as much footage from KOTOR as there is from the MMO, guaranteed to fill you with wonderful memories of swoop racing and crawling around in stinking, rakghoul-infested sewers. I know there were more than a few folks who couldn’t wait to get off Taris when they played KOTOR, but I honestly loved every moment on that planet. I did everything I possibly could, including talking to all NPCs and completing every single quest. Admittedly, it was a tad depressing when Taris was destroyed by Malak after all that, knowing that the people you had just helped were annihilated along with it.

A few hundred years have passed since the planet’s destruction, but I still love the idea of revisiting it. From watching the video, it looks like devs are putting a lot of effort into creating Taris. It also looks as if our sewer-crawling and rakghoul-fighting days are far from over. And personally, I’m still holding out on the chance we’ll find descendants of the Undercity folks living in their “Promised Land” colony beneath the Tarisian surface. Swampy and overgrown as it is, there’s still beauty in it. I couldn’t help but notice the swaying trees in the breeze or the rays of light shining through the ruins and canopy. And if this brief trailer is any indication, the soundtrack in this game is also going to be absolutely epic.


  1. Malak razing Taris to the ground was pretty shocking, but not nearly as shocking as the plot twist that was yet to come in KOTOR :O I think that might have been the most shocking plot twist I’ve ever experienced, in any media form.

    ME1 had its own surprises, but KOTOR’s was mind blowing. I would have to say that Bioware does know how to tell a tale, though, so hopefully the content for SW:TOR is stellar. The fully-voiced-over content looks like a good idea so far.

    • You watch the video? I think the devs succeeded in doing exactly what they set out to do when they decided to destroy Taris. I agree it was shocking, because I just couldn’t believe any game would let that happen. All those people! The girl and her droid shop, the doctor I helped to get the rakghoul serum, all friggin’ gone! It was an “Alderaan moment” for sure.

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