U.S.S. Aggro Hog

February 26, 2010

Finally got to play some more Star Trek Online tonight, on the condition that I group up with my hubby and help him level. Space combat with me in my Escort and him in his Cruiser was interesting to say the least. Because the Cruiser sounded like the “Tank” archetype of ships, all this time I was under the impression that they had a +threat modifier or an aggro grabbing ability. Oops, guess not! My broken and battered ship learned that lesson the hard way.


  1. Dudes, I will totally round out the triumvirate with my science ships. Heals, yo!

  2. Lol, too funny. No aggo modifiers on cruisers etc. If your hubby was in a science ship then be totally fine for you to go all out.

    To dos with the cruiser in your escort properly us to have your hubby engage the enemy first and then pick the enemy apart after that way you don’t draw fire and always attack his target. Saves you from getting all battered up on your hull.

    • Yar, the thing is that we do that and I pull aggro off him anyway, since I generate much hate with my damage. You would think cruisers would have some sort of threat modifier or ability, seeing as Cryptic has all but stated them to be “tanks” and they have the biggest hulls…one should be able to put that to good use, right?

  3. The trick to a cruiser is not to hold a single agro off you, since they don’t work on a standard tank / dps agro control system. Instead, the cruiser can handle LOTS of simultaneous fire and in a sustained condition.
    So you have him run in and do something like Beam Fire at Will, then tab around and shoot everything once or twice. The best “tanks” will continuously cycle targets and try to generate a moderate level of hate with all, then focus a barrage on the main DPS target.
    By doing this, the cruiser tanks the vast majority of the damage, which still assisting in killing the ‘primary’ target. He should also have at minimum an Engineering Team 1 skill, either for himself or you if you need it. Reverse Shield Polarity is also a must, and can extend the life of a cruiser by gobtons if used properly.
    That’s some basic hints. But you have to focus fire, while he fans it around like a cowboy is all =D

  4. Thanks for the tips! I haven’t had a chance to see what kind of space abilities he’s got, so later this week when we group up again we’re going to have to work out our new attack plan.

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