/Gawk – Shades of Hyboria

February 27, 2010

One of the first things I noticed since getting back into the Age of Conan was how breathtakingly beautiful Hyboria is. I’ve gotten a new computer since I last played this game too, so the vistas are even more stunning than I remember.

The jewel of Aquilonia, dazzling to behold in the late morning sun.

There also seems to be something wrong with my character’s eyes. She always looks like she’s ready to devour the person she’s talking to.

"Hey, baby. Dost thou know that fur cape of yours would look great on my sleeping chamber floor?"

And the Wheel of Pain should be a familiar sight to any fan of Conan.

Doing this for years turned a small boy into Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Instead of a box of text, players in AoC get to interact with NPCs in dramatic camera angles and dialogue options when picking up their quests.

You, sir, win the award for Most Vomit-Inducing NPC of the Year.

Getting around Hyboria is much easier when you have a mount.

A girl and her pinto horse.

Taking some time off from killing cannibals to sunbathe on the banks of a mighty river that traverses Cimmeria.

This picture is full of stalkery.

A couple other pretty sights:

A lone player rides through a settlement in the twilit wilderness.

Now to find a way down this mountain...

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