Greatest Fight Music Ever?

March 5, 2010

You know, one thing that doesn’t get talked about much is the music of Star Trek Online. Granted, much of what you hear is from the movies and the shows, but it’s a big deal to a Star Trek fan like my husband who was once again raving to me about how much he was enjoying the game’s epic soundtrack. He started telling me about how the best music in STO is always from the original series and proceeded to hum this tune: “DUN dun DUN dun, DUN dun DUN dun…duh-de-dah! Duh-dah-de-dah!”

I was like: “What the hell is that?”

He goes: “You know, the music from one of the best fight scenes in the history of Star Trek.”

Me: “Never heard it in my life, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard that in game.”

Him: “Um, I’m pretty sure it’s there.”

What followed was another short lesson on Star Trek. In this one, my husband directed my attention to the following video. His summary of the scene: “Spock is in a rut, needs to return to Vulcan like a salmon going up river to mate with his betrothed, but she’s a bitch and wanted to be with this other guy. Kirk tags along to show support for his friend but somehow ends up getting tricked into fighting with him to the death.”

Two things I gathered from this video: 1) I can’t watch any fight scene from the 60’s without laughing my ass off, and 2) despite that, I have to admit the music is truly as epic as my husband claimed it to be.

Anyway, I don’t know who’s right here. The tune is so awesome and distinctive that I’d like to think it’s something I would remember from the hours of playtime I’ve racked up on STO, but it doesn’t ring a bell. My husband insists that it’s there, but he’s a Trekkie and I wouldn’t put it past him not to mistaken what he hears in the game with whatever theme music he’s humming in his head as he’s playing. I still don’t think it is, though it really, really, really should.


  1. lol, you must at least remember this:

    • No, because I’ve spent most of my life trying to erase the entirety of the travesty that is that movie from my mind 😛

      Besides, watching it at the time I would have had no idea what that scene was a reference to.

      But more of a reason why the music should be in the game.

  2. She has watched a grand total of ONE episode of Star Trek – and that was last night when I got her to watch ‘Amok Time’ episode above.

    There are whole huge swaths of cultural references that she has completely missed out on.


    • Hey, that might be the only time I’ve sat through a whole episode of the original series, but I’ve watched snippets from all over the place!

  3. Like this, for example:

    • A most excellent movie. Let’s also not forget “I’m a doctor, not a…”

  4. […] Time song is the greatest fight music EVER. I laughed, because it seems that after almost a year, my wishes were finally answered. That was before I got into Star Trek. Sigh, how utterly ignorant and sad I was then. Are you […]

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