The Force is With the Jedi Consular

March 5, 2010

Bioware is so awesome to give us weekly updates for Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s just yet another reason I look forward to every Friday! Today’s update is a developer’s blog focusing on the Jedi Consular which you can check out here at the official site.

I thought this article was a great read, finally some love for the Republic. This is a welcoming change to the string of “Something, something dark side” updates we’ve been getting for the last couple of months. Also, props to Bioware for being able to make what at first seemed like a boring class now sound like pimpest one in the galaxy. Mastery of the Force! The constant struggle to resist the lure of darkness! The quest to find balance between wisdom and power! You would have to be dead inside not to appreciate the prospects.

I also really get a sense for the passion the developers have for this game, and the writer’s words remind me of why I was (and still am) so obsessed with Star Wars. I think my first Republic alt will be the Jedi Consular for sure.

One comment

  1. Alright, I did get goosebumps. That was pretty awesome.

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