/Gawk – The Journey from 47 to 63

March 9, 2010

My last two weeks in the world of Age of Conan, in pictures:

My character continues to flirt fight her way across the lands.

"I'm one of Mitra's priests, you know. Let me send you to heaven."

Hyboria is a land of fantastical creatures. In the Ice Caves of the Eiglophian Mountains, I was tasked with luring out the great and terrible ice worms.

"See those cannibals standing over there? Sic 'em, boy!"

If you like happy endings, then AoC is definitely NOT the game for you. Every quest you get to find someone lost in the wilderness, 9 times out of 10 it’s going to end up being a waste of time and energy. Missing pet puppy? Mauled and taken away by bears, here’s the bloody pelt for proof! Friend hasn’t been seen in almost a week? Captured and cooked by cannibals, here’s his skull I found boiling in a pot! Daughter’s gone wandering off into the forest again? Possessed by demons and lost to us forever, told her not to drink the water. The good news is, if you hate escort quests, you won’t be finding too many of those in this game.

"I see now that I'm too late...and yet, I am hardly surprised."

Like I was saying…

"I-what the? Is that bone? How the hell are you still conscious?"

And of course, no journey up the ranks is complete without having a boss own you a million times in an instance.

"Greetings adventurers! I believe ths is your ass..LET ME HAND IT TO YOU!"

With my latest DING! I journey back into my homeland of Aquilonia, to the beautiful and treacherous zone of Thunder River.

"What are you so interested in back there?"

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  1. these pictures need 100% more nudity…

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