Bridge Officer Spotlight: We Could All Use A Spock

March 10, 2010

Note: Cryptic uses the term “bridge officer crafting” in this interview about Star Trek Online, which I feel is accurate and appropriate. While it’s meant to describe the process of skilling up, as usual, my inner roleplayer takes it one step further. God knows conventional crafting is virtually non-existent in this game, so I have to take pride in my creations wherever I can.

I know I don’t have to be a fan of Star Trek or know much about it to enjoy Star Trek Online, but I’ve been making the effort to learn more about the IP ever since I started playing the game. Everybody is also constantly telling me that it’s so much better when you understand the context, and I’m inclined to agree. The missions Doomsday Machine and Guardian of Forever seem so much cooler now, for one thing. I also wish I’d had more background information when I first wrote my crew bios, for another. Anyway, there are several decades of TV shows and movies for me to go through, so naturally I started at the beginning. I’ve been on a Star Trek: The Original Series marathon since Sunday, and watched a few more episodes today. Then I re-watched the new ST movie. And then more TOS.

My Trekkie husband was pleased. “Star Trek really grows on you, doesn’t it?” he asked. Eh, well, sort of. The truth is, it’s Mr. Spock that has really grown on me. To hell with Captain Kirk, I’ve always had a soft spot for the geeky types.

I know every once in a while I have these moments where I get all gushy about something girly, and well, I’m sorry to have to say that now is one of those times. I admit it, I’m hot for Spock. He’s highly intelligent, adventurous and bold, has a good heart and a no-nonsense approach to getting the job done, and carries himself with a quiet, introspective dignity that just makes you want to jump on him, run your fingers through that shiny hair, and just ravish him up good. That’s seriously one sexy Vulcan. And no question about it, I want a Spock of my own aboard my starship…and then I realized, I sort of already have one.

Sleer is my Spock. He has reminded me of Spock even before I started watching the shows, and I suspect this is just another reason why I’m so attached to this Vulcan science officer. The others I could switch out at the drop of a hat if I had to, but not Sleer, not ever. Silly, I know, but he was my first ever bridge officer to join my crew and has been there since day one, and for that reason he holds a special place in my heart and I can’t bear the thought of ever removing him from my team. He’s not just a bunch of ground and space skills to me.

Like Spock, Sleer is the loyal officer who will always be by the captain’s side, constantly watching over T’Androma on every away mission. A Vulcan herself, T’Androma values efficiency above everything else and believes that sometimes violence is the most direct and hence logical approach. Sleer’s logical side, on the other hand, is of a “softer” nature. With it, he provides his captain with the balance required to maintain diplomacy, especially on those sensitive missions that could really do without something getting blown up. He’s her most adored companion, her first officer, her healer, her rock.

Also, Sleer got himself a little makeover yesterday. Because if there’s one thing sexier than Spock, it’s a Mirror, Mirror Spock.


  1. Nice BO pic. How do you get your BO in a pose like that so you can take their screenshot? Haven’t quite figured that out yet.

    Yeah Star Trek does grow on you after a while. Also makes some game elements easier to understand if you understand Trek universe of things.

    Funny how one can get attached to your own BO crew even for a game. Some BO’s seem to have a quirky personality of sort. We can all use a Spock as well. You’ve found yours it seems. My last rare officer assigned was and is my only Vulcan ever assigned I can remember. He’s currently unassigned atm.

    But a really nice BO writeup.

    • I take crew screen caps in the costume editor; I suspect that’s what GeeCee did here.

    • Yes, go to the npc that allows you to customize your character’s looks and costumes, etc. You can do it with all of your bridge officers too. Click any of them, you don’t even have to purchase any changes. On the screen you can zoom in and out, turn them around, take all the screenshots you want 😀

  2. @Galo: not sure the she did it, but if you remove the BOs’ weapons or give them dual pistols, they strike their pose then you can screen shot them.

    I love this entry, because I have done the same with my BOs. The yall have back stories and personalities in my head, even if they seldom if ever display them in the game.

    • Yay, nice to see someone else understands 😀

  3. I’ve been a sci-fi fan all my life. I’m not a trekkie, exactly, tho I’ve certainly enjoyed the IP. I’ve been playing role-playing games for some years because of the character development. I like to create heroes, and for this, STO is awesome. With one character slot comes ten characters to develop (five in space, five on the ground), plus two meta-characters: functioning teams.

    I get attached to my characters (if I couldn’t, I’d find a different game), and they all develop personalities over time. My ship is my main character, but it doesn’t make sense to promote space boffs past their stations and they’re less customizable, so in my game they tend to be lower rank, and take a back seat to the ground boffs: my Away Team are my real heroes.

    In appearance, I modeled one of my boffs to look a bit like my wife. She’s my partner. We grew up together, and decided we didn’t want to be merchants (my dad wanted me to work as a salesman for his lobe oil company), we wanted to be warriors. Plus, she thought the gun and tool belts looked funny worn alone, and wanted to wear clothes. I thought that was silly, but it was important to her.

    I don’t know how one of my guys made it through Starfleet Academy; he can’t sit and pay attention long enough to pass tests. I’m guessing that, given their historic odds of survival, Starfleet was short of redshirts. Look past the fancy earring and purple hair that needs a comb, and he’s an excellent soldier, a real team player. My doctor is a tall blonde of heroic proportions: she’s the mother of the team, kisses our boo-boos, pats our behinds, and sends us back out to play. My engineer is typical Andorian: I overlook her attitude. She is intelligent, resourceful and follows orders.

    I really don’t think Starfleet Command knew what they were doing when they gave one the likes of me his own ship. Luckily, the cannon vendor doesn’t do background checks.

    • I love your back stories! My Away Team are my real heroes too, they’re the ones who get the most on-screen time after all. You know, at first I was a little disappointed at the “hollowness” of our bridge officers. I had hoped we could interact with them, that they would have personalities etc…but now, I feel that it allows us players more freedom and makes it easier for us to customize our own experiences.

      Before this game, I hadn’t even watched a single full episode of any of the Star Trek shows, believe it or not. It’s amazing, really, how much I’ve come to love my character and her BOs. The only thing holding me back now is really my lack of knowledge about the IP.

  4. I think i love this blog so much now…it could be my sleep and cigarettes talking, but it totally warmed my heart as a trekkie and mmo addict to see the marriage of the two birthed a trekkie. I mean, even if it’s a mushy Spock post, Dare i ask who can NOT love Mr.Spock? I remember Wrath of Khan when i was like 8, boy i cried for like five days when Spock died, i’ll never, ever, ever, ever forget that last line either. “The needs of the many outweigh those of the few.”

    Just wow, I can’t wait for my Spock now :*(. I ordered the game 5 days ago online, but i’m waiting for it to ship, i’ve been reading your blog and it’s kind of inspired me to make an STO (pre-STO) blog while i’m waiting….maybe i have too much time.

    • Thanks for checking my blog out 🙂 I’m the type who would try out any mmo which is what led me to STO. I never would have thought this game would get me into Star Trek, but it did and I’m glad for it.

      Now I still gotta watch Wrath of Khan 😀

    • By the way, what is your blog address? I’d like to check it out 😀

  5. […] in my head and on occasion I will write them out. Long time readers of this blog will remember my strange attachment to Sleer, my Vulcan science officer in Star Trek Online. Or maybe it’s not so strange after all. I am reminded of a Nerf Herder […]

  6. […] Xerxes is definitely the Kirk of the group; I even envision my Vulcan bridge officer as being ‘her Spock’. In keeping with the theme, I see Tan as being more like Picard or Sisko – despite being a […]

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