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Brrr…Bring on Belsavis

March 12, 2010

It’s Friday and the update at the Star Wars: The Old Republic website  is another planet reveal! Wow, I totally didn’t see this one coming. I  hope Belsavis satisfies the hardcore “Noooo, Tattooine is boring and unoriginal!” type Star Wars fans who now get a somewhat obscure ice planet to play on that *gasp!* is not Hoth — or hell, not even Ilum — and that to my knowledge, has ever only been featured in the books. The planet description is certainly worth checking out, despite the image of the rotating planet reminding me of something one pulls out from the back of a refrigerator after a couple months of being forgotten.

Cool concept art of Belsavis from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Vibrant jungles grow around volcanic rifts on the frozen surface of this world.

If any of it feels very “Icecrown Citadel-y” to you, you’re probably not the only one. “A labyrinth of battle and chaos?” “Threat of the mysterious evil?” I’m inclined to agree with some of the speculation; this planet sounds a lot like endgame or raid-like content to me!

Belsavis also brings the current planet count to 11. Some people are already getting worried that too many planets will mean small or instanced environments, but I for one have faith in Bioware’s abilities to make all their planets feel rich and wide open. So as long as the final number isn’t something too ridiculous, I say keep ’em coming.

More information: Belsavis.