Brrr…Bring on Belsavis

March 12, 2010

It’s Friday and the update at the Star Wars: The Old Republic website  is another planet reveal! Wow, I totally didn’t see this one coming. I  hope Belsavis satisfies the hardcore “Noooo, Tattooine is boring and unoriginal!” type Star Wars fans who now get a somewhat obscure ice planet to play on that *gasp!* is not Hoth — or hell, not even Ilum — and that to my knowledge, has ever only been featured in the books. The planet description is certainly worth checking out, despite the image of the rotating planet reminding me of something one pulls out from the back of a refrigerator after a couple months of being forgotten.

Cool concept art of Belsavis from Star Wars: The Old Republic. Vibrant jungles grow around volcanic rifts on the frozen surface of this world.

If any of it feels very “Icecrown Citadel-y” to you, you’re probably not the only one. “A labyrinth of battle and chaos?” “Threat of the mysterious evil?” I’m inclined to agree with some of the speculation; this planet sounds a lot like endgame or raid-like content to me!

Belsavis also brings the current planet count to 11. Some people are already getting worried that too many planets will mean small or instanced environments, but I for one have faith in Bioware’s abilities to make all their planets feel rich and wide open. So as long as the final number isn’t something too ridiculous, I say keep ’em coming.

More information: Belsavis.


  1. I certainly hope they do. A lot of perceived openness in these games depends directly on the design, because all the environments are bounded, and none are the size of Rhode Island, much a whole planet. Think WoW is open? It is to some extent, but try swimming from Darkshore to Teldrassil, or flying away from the Outland into the Twisting Nether.

    Just seeing some of your posts is getting me excited for The Old Republic, and I never got more than glimpses of SW Galaxies, nor ever played KOTOR.

  2. I’m not too crazy about WoW’s feeling of distinct zones, which I think contributes a little to the “closedness”. It always felt a little weird when you cross over from a forest into a frozen wasteland when the two areas are adjacent to each other. It must be said, however, I do like the lack of invisible walls in that game. I may not be able to swim to Teldrassil or fly too far from outland, but at least I’m not slamming into an invisible barrier 😛

    And I am absolutely psyched for SWTOR, not that it needs help in generating hype. And I highly recommend KOTOR…it’s an old game, but still tons of fun to play, in my opinion.

    • Oh I totally get what you mean about the zone transitions in WoW. Unfortunately that’s my only frame of reference. I was addressing the other readers of your blog, especially any anyone crying about space limitations in any game, as opposed to you personally, GeeCee, or your direct comments.

      There is a concept in model railroading called “selective compression,” which I have decided to discuss on my own blog, rather than fill up your comment section. 😛

      One question though: didn’t KOTOR involve dragging around a bunch of NPCs as companions, similar to your BOs in STO? Oh, and there is a wall in Outland, but your mount starts crying like it can’t breathe when you hit the boundary. I have after walking away from the computer while in flight, and overshooting my destination.

      • Oh I know, I was just also contributing to the discussion of open worldness and such, just throwing it out there, not necessarily responding to anything in particular either 😛

        And yes, KOTOR is all about companions, but they’re companions you can interact with somewhat, not like the ones in STO that completely ignore you.

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