Another Star Trek Noob Moment

March 14, 2010

I was playing Star Trek Online with my husband today, when on one of our missions everything in the game environment suddenly disappeared and went funny with all these lines on my screen. Naturally, I threw a fit and was freaking out like, “What the @#$%, I think my damn game just crashed!”

My husband, from across the room, said in the most deadpan voice, “Sweetie, that’s just the holodeck.”

I looked over at him and he had this expression like he’s trying really hard not to do a /facepalm. Well, excuse me for not having had the chance to watch any The Next Generation and beyond yet to know about the holodeck, but can you understand what a scary sight that is when you have no clue what’s going on? Okay, fine, I’m an idiot.


  1. Lol, ironically, I now hope I have a game malfunction like that. Take that, all you “it’s not realistic to have invisible walls” people! Nothing more canon than living out a fantasy/role play on the holodeck!

    • Wait, was it supposed to be there or was it a game malfunction?

      • It was supposed to be there, part of the story for one of the later missions, I won’t say which one because I don’t want to spoil it.

        People like my husband who instantly recognized the holodeck will probably love the quest. But seriously, a game screen that looks like that in any other game would mean bad news.

      • Sunsage, that’s the holodeck 🙂

        But actually, when I first saw that screencap, I didn’t think “holodeck”. I thought, “hey, that’s like Tron!” And I thought it was a texture load error.

        Now that I think about it, even the link shows that in the TNG days, the holodeck lines were yellow. The holodeck also looks quite different in the Star Trek: Voyager era, too. Anyways, that’s my excuse for not recognizing it, earlier.

      • Oh my god, Tron!? That to me is even funnier than my reaction, Paulman 😛

  2. The ‘holodeck’ is one of those deus ex machina plot device crutches that the generally inferior writers of Next Generation constantly fell back to when they couldn’t figure out a believable resolution of a story. Worse were the episodes where they used the omnipotent ‘Q’ character, where you just know the writers had a rough weekend and were just mailing it in.

    • But wasn’t it still just wonderful despite all that? 😛 And it’s cool that we get to “meet” you! 😛

    • Ah, spoken like a true Original Series purist, my dear. 😛

      And Paulman, he doesn’t usually post, and I doubt he reads my blog that often either…but I guess he could never miss an opportunity to rag on TNG.

    • Alright, “A Fistful of Datas” was one of the worst episodes ever. But “The Big Goodbye” and “Elementary, Dear Data” were pretty cool.

      I think I’m biased, though. “The Big Goodbye” confirms that in the 24th century, there are still historians assigned to Federation vessels. Glad to see my chosen profession is useful on a starship!

      • So that’s where your wordpress handle comes from!

      • In TOS’s “Space Seed”, the episode introducing Khan, featured a lithe-legged Enterprise historian. Of course we all know how that turned out.

      • She got to bang Khan. I’m a heterosexual male but… damn, those are some fine abs.

        As for my moniker: in part, probably, yes, though I was also consciously influenced by Indiana Jones.

  3. I really should have known better, but my first thought was also “wow, that is the most absurd texture bug I’ve ever seen.” /blush

  4. That gave me a good laugh.

  5. Awesome, looking forward to finding that mission. Personally, I enjoyed the occasional holodeck episode, especially anything noire.

  6. @Paulman, Trust me, I know what a holodeck is (see the first comment), unlike MrMMO, I am am not a TOS purist. Again I ask: was it an game malfunction that revealed Cryptic’s underlying game texture (which would still be pretty clever)? Or was it part of the mission GeeCee and MrMMO were playing at the time?

    And has anyone seen a trailer for the new Tron? I am definitely looking forward to that!

    • Ack listen to me, I should have read more carefully. Disregard everything I just said but the enthusiasm for Tron Legacy!

      • Sorry Sunsage, I was trying to make a reference to what MrMMO said to MsMMO in the original post 😛 I think I missed some of what you wrote in the first post, too, so I think I’m guilty as charged. Sorry.

        And yes, I just saw the new Tron trailer recently, which was why it was in my mind. I’ve never watched the original Tron movies, but I have read the review for Tron 2.0 the game, before, lol. That’s about all my Tron experience.

  7. My 1st thought on the pic as I scrolled down was “Tron lightcycle grid.”

    Then I saw the characters standing in it and went “Oh, holodeck” instead.

    And thoroughly enjoyed reading MMOGC’s reaction as a non-ST:TNG watcher 🙂

    • I’m telling y’all, the colors and the “look” of it is all off! I’ve never seen a holodeck look like that. In fact, it’s way too large to be a regular holodeck. A huge point of holodecks is to be able to recreate a much larger space than is actually there.

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