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I Want A Piece of That Tribble Action

March 19, 2010

From a news post on the Star Trek Online website:

Join us this weekend on the Tribble Test Shard to preview the new Season One: Common Ground and you will receive two special unlocks!

  • Assimilated Tribble: This Tribble grants you a bonus when dealing with the Borg
  • Crash Test Tribble: A special Title you can assign your captain

A...tribborg? I'll take it!

Heh, when have I ever said no to free in-game stuff? And an “assimilated tribble” at that? Oh God, they will be the end of us all.

All you have to do is spend at least an hour on the test server sometime this weekend, and it’s a good opportunity to test out the new content and poke around for bugs before it goes live. T’Andy is being copied to Tribble even as I write this.


Insolence Will be Met With Force Lightning

March 19, 2010

As expected, the new update at the Star Wars: The Old Republic site today was a Fan Friday, showcasing some community creations and a Developer Corner.

Today’s tidbits:

– A video that takes a look at the force lightning effects of the Sith Inquisitor, which invoked some mixed reactions from me. I’m quite impressed by them; the abilities themselves seem quite powerful (looks like some AoE, a little crowd control, and a little bit of wheee, let’s send ’em flying!) and seem very well done graphically, at least at first glance. Fans of Knights of the Old Republic might be thinking, “Whoa, deja vu” when they see the whirlwind animation, and a part of me does think that it looks a bit out of place.

– Confirmation of character customization options, showing us a sample of the available facial tattoos, make-up, skin tones, hairstyles and dare I say, even a hint at some choice in jewelry and other adornments. And this is just the humans. I never had a doubt that we would be able to make our characters unique.

Surprise, surprise, overall this has been a Fan Friday I really enjoyed.