I Want A Piece of That Tribble Action

March 19, 2010

From a news post on the Star Trek Online website:

Join us this weekend on the Tribble Test Shard to preview the new Season One: Common Ground and you will receive two special unlocks!

  • Assimilated Tribble: This Tribble grants you a bonus when dealing with the Borg
  • Crash Test Tribble: A special Title you can assign your captain

A...tribborg? I'll take it!

Heh, when have I ever said no to free in-game stuff? And an “assimilated tribble” at that? Oh God, they will be the end of us all.

All you have to do is spend at least an hour on the test server sometime this weekend, and it’s a good opportunity to test out the new content and poke around for bugs before it goes live. T’Andy is being copied to Tribble even as I write this.


  1. It’ll have to wait ’til after I get back to Texas, tomorrow night or Sunday. But anything for awesome Tribbles

  2. this was the most simple yet confusing thing i’ve ever read.

    • I just realized the appalling number of times I used the word “tribble” in that short post.

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