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A Cute Screenshot For A Lazy Sunday…

March 21, 2010

They all looked so soft and fuzzy, I couldn’t resist having a seat in the middle of a sea of Tribbles!

"You can keep trilling all you want, curious little furballs! As a Vulcan, I'm immune to your tranquilizing effects!" *glances around nervously*

Captain T’Androma, champion of helpless little critters everywhere, here to save these furry creatures from extinction at the hands of the Klingons! Clearly, there’s no end to the Tribble-love from Cryptic in Star Trek Online, and I’m fine with that. I took on this particular mission (“The Tribble With Klingons”) last night and I thought it did a good job with capturing the spirit of some of the more humorous moments you’ll find in Star Trek. I for one live for the cute little moments like this in my online games.