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A Promotion? For Me? Why, Thank You

March 23, 2010

T’Androma reached the rank of Rear Admiral 1 tonight, and she and her crew are going to break out the Saurian brandy and party like it’s 2299.

My promotion meant a new ship, and here I was faced with a big decision: Advanced Escort or Fleet Escort?

A quick scan of the Tier 5 databases yielded the following information: Advanced Escorts gain an extra science station as well as an extra science console slot. Fleet Escorts on the other hand gain an extra engineering station and an extra engineering console slot.

Well, considering I have been whining for an extra engineering ability for a while now, I was initially drawn to the Fleet Escort. But then again, word around the galaxy is that the Advanced Escort models are more aesthetically pleasing. So really, choosing your ship type ultimately comes down to those two things. While looks are important to me, I figured “Heck, nothing could look worse than my last ship!” and went with my first instincts.

Behold, my brand new Fleet Escort! I christened it the U.S.S. Taiga, naming it for the starship I piloted in beta.

The ship naming convention comes full circle with the new U.S.S. Taiga.

I only had enough time tonight to take her out for a little spin, so working out the weapons load out and other such matters will have to wait. New crew additions are also likely to follow. To celebrate this milestone for now, a look back at the last ten levels in pictures:


Heard Around The House…

March 23, 2010

“Women shouldn’t fight in G-strings…it just makes killing them feel so wrong.”

— Mr. MMOGamerchick, on the first day of his return to Age of Conan

My husband's Dark Templar contemplating the body of his latest victim.