Bioware Teases With Biographies

March 26, 2010

Today’s Friday Update at the Star Wars: The Old Republic site was not the update I expected. Actually, I’d been thinking it was high time for a new timeline installment, but instead, today we get a new biographies page to showcase some of the characters we’ve seen in promotional materials like the Threat of Peace webcomics or the Deceived trailer. By the way, if you have not seen that cinematic trailer yet, click that link, for the love of all that is good and holy click it NOW.

Satele Shan, direct descendant of KOTOR's Bastila Shan.

Those who are dying from anticipation are already crawling out of the woodwork claiming that this isn’t a real update, but come on, it’s Developer Appreciation Week! And hey, I’d actually been reading those webcomics. In any event, it’s something new and that’s reason enough for me to be happy (and I’m sure that’s no surprise to anyone who reads this blog with any frequency). So they’re not actually giving us any real game information, but who cares? Not every update has to be gameplay-related. Are we forgetting the importance of the lore behind the games we play? Would the epic stories behind World of Warcraft have been as deep and engaging if we had no idea who the hell Mulfurion Stormrage, Thrall or Rhonin were? Wait, on second thought, forget Rhonin. I really, really dislike that man.

It’s refreshing to see when developers take the time to build up the story elements of their game; it’s an aspect that’s too often ignored these days. Not to mention Bioware’s forte is in their ability to use writing to shape the look and feel of their games, so this is just them flexing their storytelling muscles. Case in point, a quote on the SWTOR forums from the community manager himself:

Biographies is the foundation for something more… what exactly that is, I can’t tell you quite yet. All I can say at this time is stay tuned; E3 2010 isn’t that far away and we actually have some exciting (and new) updates for you before then.

Fascinating, I can’t wait. I know, like, understatement of the year.

So, um, any other bounty hunters thinking of going for the 100 million credits bounty on Grand Master Satele Shan? Anyone? Show of hands?


  1. You give it your best shot. I’ll just smuggle him out to Bakura where he can lie low.

  2. Every dribble of information that appears heightens my interest in SW:TOR. Even if it turns out to be KTOR III, sub fee edition…I’m still on board honestly.

  3. So, uh, did Bastila get it on with Revan, or what? Cause Satele is totally a “direct descendent.”

    The bio of Grand Moff Kilran is really sweet! Reminds me of Grand Admiral Thrawn, who is pretty much the most badass badass ever. I really want to play a admirable Sith admiral of some sort; maybe that possibility exists?

    • In the webcomics, there was one line from a character that hinted she was a descendant of Revan, something about having his blood in her veins. Also, some fans have translated the Aurabesh alphabet from her biography page (those weird symbols floating around the page) and one of the lines read “blood of Revan”, which some have taken to mean a confirmation that Bastila and Revan must have gotten it on.

      And yes, most people have said Kilran reminds them of Thrawn, I’m sure that’s where they got the inspiration. Not sure you can play an admiral type character though, just bounty hunter, sith inquisitor, sith warrior, and imperial agent 😐

      • I remember reading something like “Like Moff Tarkin? An Imperial agent is for you!” and I was all like “What the hell? Tarkin didn’t sneak around sniping people!”

        Honestly, I’ll probably play a Jedi Consular. That blurb you linked to a week or two back made them sound completely awesome.

        Or, you know, a bounty hunter. Because Boba Fett is so cool.

  4. SO was that you in the trailer, flying around with your jet-pack, GeeCee?

    • Oh, that’s TOTALLY going to be me…flamethrowers and all that jazz 😀

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