It’s Either A Cross Between A Dog And A Toaster…

March 27, 2010

…Or it’s my new Assimilated Tribble!

"Aww, aren't you adorable? I think I'll call you Blinky."

If you participated in the Tribble Weekend Event on the Star Trek Online test server last week, remember to check the C-store for your free Assimilated Tribble and your special in-game title.


  1. I really wanted to help out and get the goods, but it was the hectic end-of-the-quarter for me. I just couldn’t convince myself that logging in and doing nothing for an hour would really count as “testing Season One.”

  2. Tru dat, AH. I did log on Sunday morning, though only as a LC 7, so no advance content. But now I have my Tribble, it a little odd. I would think the Borg would feel the same regarding Tribbles that the Klingons do, a pest at best; at worst a menace. Of course the whole Tribble thing in STO is mostly for fun anyway.

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