Bazaar Schmazaar

March 29, 2010

“Like millions of mouse clicks sending data to the central servers, and were suddenly silenced.”

That quote from Elanthanis on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums made me chuckle, and I thought I would share it here, seeing as it was quite appropriate as thousands of Bioware fans including myself sat in front of their computers waiting to see what was going to be revealed today. You see, about a week ago, a mysterious countdown timer suddenly appeared on the Dragon Age and Mass Effect sites, timed to hit zero at 12:00pm EST today. Well, as was typical, when the big moment finally came, all Bioware web pages save the SWTOR one went down, due to the massive number of views on their sites. Yay for us nerds breaking the internet!


Anyway, when the Bioware servers were up and running again, it was unveiled that the much hyped “epic community event” was the launch of their new social networking site and their Bioware Bazaar contest. To enter, fans obtain tokens by participating in activities ranging from registering their games and completing quizzes to competing in Bioware challenges via Twitter.

For once, Bioware gets a “meh” from me, and not because I was expecting anything earth-shattering. I can’t say I care much for using social tools like Facebook and Twitter for marketing purposes, so it’s doubtful I would have participated in the contest anyway. But that’s a moot point, isn’t it, as the contest is only open to residents of the United States. Being from Canada, I’m excluded. I find this a little ironic, seeing as the purpose to this whole event is to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Bioware, from when the company was founded back in 1995 in the then modest city of Edmonton, Alberta in…um, what was that country again? Oh right, bloody friggin’ CANADA! Now, I’m sure they had their reasons to make this a US exclusive thing, but come on, they couldn’t have made the effort to give their fellow Canadians some love? It kinda makes this gamer chick a sad panda.


  1. lol, i wish i could make that my xbox live profile pic.

    bioware = fail

  2. Bad Bioware!! Go sit in the corner!

    Actually there is probably some lame legal reason why they couldn’t open it up on both sides of the border. =/

    • Most likely…reasons probably have to do with fees and/or local laws regarding what constitutes as gambling and what not.

    • Probably is, and I’m sure there’s a similar reason why New York and Florida were excluded as well.

      • LOL yeah, poor New York and Floridians get shafted too, funny.

  3. There’s one word for not making this contest available to canadians. cheap.

    This is the kind of thing that makes me want to buy an old fashioned torch and a pitchfork. they would come in handy right about now.

  4. While I am a Bioware fan and love the Mass Effect games, I skipped the whole countdown thing. I’d already seen a post somewhere from a Bioware community manager saying that the announcement wasn’t game related. That said, another social network? Um, no. Even the current one that Dragon Age uses is a bit pointless, then again I’m only on Facebook because that’s where a friend posted pictures of his vacation to Japan. I’ll just stick with Twitter, which is more like a public instant messenger than anything else.

    • I saw that post from the bioware community manager too, but seeing as I have an account on their game sites and am a frequent visitor and poster to all their forums, I was curious as to what their huge community event would be. I was kinda disappointed to find what was pretty much a facebook for bioware fans, and now they’re pretty much using their fans and twitter to do their marketing for them. People are already abusing the hell out of it, the forums are spammed with people’s personal links that they want others to click for them to win stuff.

      • I just don’t understand the need for another system. Why not just use Facebook and Twitter? Of course I haven’t bothered to look at their social site enough to have an information opinion. Partly this comes from my reticence with anything that seems Facebook-ish and partly because their social site was attached so heavily to Dragon Age (and now strongly associated in my head) which I lost interest in pretty quickly.

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