Yet Another Crew Addition

March 30, 2010

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy having a diverse crew in Star Trek Online so I was quite happy when I received the opportunity to add a Trill into my lineup…but it meant yet another foray into the depths of Memory-Alpha.org to learn more about a new species. After reading about Trills, a part of me is thinking, “Wow, the Star Trek universe is so involved and deep!” while another part of me is going “@#$%!, why does everything have to be so complicated?” A host, a symbiont, the joining, and–ahh, hell diddly ding dong crap!

After much thought, I’ve decided to roleplay my new bridge officer as an un-joined Trill for simplicity’s sake and decrease the chances I’ll accidentally butcher some part of Star Trek lore. The story I had in mind for him also better suits the way I made him look. This is also my first attempt at writing a more detailed biography for a BO, so for the love of God, please be gentle!

Azdan Dorim

In 2390, Starfleet responded to a distress call from a civilian ship on the edges of the Kalandra Sector. The ship had just been a victim of a brutal raid by Nausicaan pirates. Having had little to no defense against the enemy, the vessel suffered huge casualties, and only a handful of passengers were found alive when the rescue ship made it to the scene. Among them was a very young Trill child named Azdan Dorim, whose parents had both been killed in the attack. Starfleet brought the orphan along with the other survivors to Deep Space 9, where attempts were made to track down any of the boy’s surviving relatives. Finding none, a Starfleet human couple stationed at DS9 decided to adopt him instead.

Azdan led a troubled childhood, a consequence of the emotional trauma suffered from witnessing the attack. His adoptive parents, however, helped him overcome his problems with plenty of love and support, and sought to enrich his environment whenever they could. As an adolescent, Azdan became fascinated with his adoptive father’s work in Starfleet as an engineer and decided right then and there to follow in his footsteps. Highly motivated and intelligent, he graduated from the academy with degrees in Warp Theory, Subspace Physics and Starship Technologies. Growing up outside of Trill society, Azdan never gave much thought to being a host to a symbiont. Because of his distinctions, however, many have encouraged him to apply to the Trill Symbiosis Commission. Though he hasn’t ruled out the prospect, Starfleet was Azdan’s main focus for now.

Despite (or perhaps because of) his highly motivated nature and intelligence, Azdan often found himself restless and agitated. This trait got him involved in more than a few altercations around the DS9 engineering facilities, but no one could deny they needed his brilliant mind. Finally, Azdan disturbed the peace one time too many, and Starfleet officials determined that what this Trill male needed was work in a more stimulating , fast-paced environment to satiate his intellectual appetite and utilize his skills.

Around this time, Captain T’Androma and her crew had already established a reputation for themselves for never having a shortage on adventure and excitement. When they eventually made a request for another engineering officer, Azdan was promptly re-assigned to the U.S.S. Taiga, where he was eagerly welcomed with joy and open arms.

The rest of my STO crew can be viewed here, here and here.


  1. that guy looks like a monster d-bag.

    • Dude, is it the ponytail? Dammit, Z, do not disrespect the ponytail!

      • Not so much the ponytail as the look on his face combined with his crossed arms.

        Nice bio by the way.

      • LOL thanks, I’m glad you liked it. Coming from you, that makes me really happy 😀

  2. Did he ever meet the famous (Jadzia) Dax while on DS9? Cause she would have been a great role model for him! Ezri Dax too, I guess (I don’t know as much about her).

    Also, I think this guy should have something to prove as a non-joined Trill. That way, he can be unjoined but have something going for him (usefulness-wise) because of it.

    • Hmm, not sure what you mean. Like, an ambition or something he’s working towards that doesn’t require him to be joined? I guess that’s something to think about, though according to the some the first thing he needs to do is look less like a douche bag. 😛

      • Well, from what I remember about the Trill, they are kind of elitist when it comes to being selected to be joined, right? Maybe he has grown up outside of that culture, but he still feels its pressures and expectations from the people he meets who expect the same from him when they find out he’s a Trill. Thus, he would have something to prove – that a Trill doesn’t have to be joined to realize his or her potential and become an invaluable part of the galactic community.

      • Ahh, I get it. Yeah, good idea, I think that would be a given for him, being the ambitious trill he is.

      • I think the elitism of the Trill is part of the whole subterfuge the race has created regarding the symbiotes. Joined Trill aren’t better because they’re joined. More often they’re joined because they’re better (ambassadors, important scientists, Starfleet officers).

  3. First of all: great biography, GeeCee. I think it’s fine that he looks like a douche, because you describe him a bit that way, causing trouble despite his intelligence and talent.

    One of the episodes of DS9 discusses that the Trill hierarchy is hiding the fact that most Trill could in fact be joined, because they are afraid that would lead to the symbionts being treated as commodities. As it stands, the current candidacy program allows the “elites” to choose high achievers like Jadzia to become hosts, both for the safety of the symbiont and to so the host may fully utilize the lifetimes of knowledge and experience now available to him or her, while enriching the society as a whole and giving the symbiont new and varied experience.

    Given that, I am not sure Azdan, as described would fit the hierarchy’s definition of a good host, since he seems to have lingering trauma from the Nausicaan attack.

    I hope the best for Azdan, :P, and I hope T’Andy can rein him in.

  4. I don’t think you give yourself enough credit on the backgrounds. Even if you don’t have it all memorized, you’re incorporating good research.

  5. @ Rowan and @ Blue Kae

    Thanks for your kind words. Sometimes, I just feel like a totally inadequate Star Trek fan. It’s been around since the late 60s, there’s just so much I can take at once!

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