Starfleet Report: “Federation News Service” Fleet Formed

March 31, 2010

Yesterday, Adventurer Historian made a post on his blog about joining a new Star Trek Online fleet. He and I were in the same one, so I understood his reasons for wanting a change. First of all, our fleet, Citrus Task Force was not a large one to begin with. On top of that, over the weeks its active members have dwindled to the point where every time I log in I would find that I’m the only one online. It does indeed get lonely, and I decided then to start looking for a new home for T’Andy as well.

Anyway, it’s creepy sometimes how things work out. I sit down to my computer during lunch today, and find an email in my inbox from Blue Kae, asking if I would be interested in joining a fleet that he and Tipa from West Karana are putting together. Ooh, it’s a sign! So of course I said yes. Since this afternoon, a few other bloggers and tweeters have come on board with this. Thus, the Federation News Service fleet was born (OMG, I JUST got that…’cause you know, we’re all bloggers and tweeters and stuff and–wow, boy, am I slow.)

Celebrating the formation of the FNS fleet on Tipa's colossal bridge.

FNS will be a casual, modest fleet, and that as of now there are no specific plans besides having a chat channel and a second uniform slot. Still, it’ll be fun and relaxing, not to mention it’s a great opportunity to get to know the community. Future events like missions and taskforces are a possibility too.

If you’re interested in joining us, feel free to leave a comment below or look any of us up in-game. My handle is T’Androma@Caylinn.

Update: I want to add, you don’t have to have a blog or tweet to join us! It so happened this was the way the fleet was formed, but we will accept anyone who plays the game and are interested in joining a friendly and fun community.


  1. What time of day are you guys usually on?

    • Well, there were 6-7 of us tonight getting together to form this fleet, and that was around 7:30-9:30pm EST. Not sure when others’ regular play times are. Personally, I’m an evening player, from anywhere between 7pm to midnight EST, sometimes later.

    • I’m an evening player as well, generally 8pm-1am EST.

  2. What a frank depiction of violence! I hope you flagged this post with a warning. Children get on the internet, you know!

    • LOL you totally had me scratching my head until I looked at the clock and realized what day it was. I took a look at your “lovely” site after I put 2 and 2 together and I must say you had me cracking up. I hope poor Lola gets her site back when the day is over though 😛

  3. Truly, we are the new face of journalism. The new awesome face of journalism.

  4. Sounds cool and interesting name for a fleet as well. So I get the name. Will see if can catch you later for a invite Galo@mahkai

  5. Very tempting. I’ve yet to find a fleet for the crew of the Tirpitz to call home. But seeing how slow I’m going in getting leveled up(due to my blogging), I don’t think I’d be any help to your fleet and the high end content for months.

    • Don’t stress about that. While we have several Admiral level players, I’m at Commander and AH was Lt. Commander (I think). If nothing else, think of it as a group to chat with.

    • Blue Kae’s right, don’t worry about that. We have members who are lower rank and/or are just starting out. the FNS will be a casual fleet to chat and have fun with. For me, it’s also a way to play the game knowing there are others who are still playing and so I won’t feel too lonely 😛

    • I just resubscribed and made a new character. SO I can verify they have Very low level players on board.

      • It was nice to meet you Thac0 🙂

    • If the offer still stands, I would like to give the fleet a try.


      • Of course! I’ll send you an invite the next time I see you in game.

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  7. Wow, I didn’t even get the name of the fleet until I read that…

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