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A Couple Things That Made Me Smile Today…

April 1, 2010

April Fools Day is almost over now, so I just wanted to share my appreciation for a couple MMO related pranks I found cute/funny.

Bioware reveals the Sarlacc Enforcer Class for Star Wars: The Old Republic with an elaborate Holonet entry, complete with writing in Aurabesh (the little symbols across the page) which says “To the original noodly appendage”, “Jawa extreme sport: Sarlacc salvage fishing” and the best part of all:

We wrote this haiku
To say we hope you enjoyed
Our April fools joke

(credit goes to Algiebba from the forums, from whom I got the above translations)

On second thought, scratch that. The best part of all was actually this:

Following a suggestion from Tipa, I also went to the WoW armory today to check out my World of Warcraft druid. I haven’t played the game since last October. I know that’s not that long to be away but gosh, the months of inactivity have not been kind to her.


MMOGamerChick Flick – Star Trek: Generations

April 1, 2010

My formal education into the Star Trek universe continues, as Professor Mr. MMOgamerchick adds Star Trek: Generations to the rigorous curriculum. While he might not be the biggest fan of Captain Picard and The Next Generation, he will admit to enjoying the movies based on this era. Thus we took an evening off earlier this week to veg out in front of the TV and watch the film. Despite the negative reviews I’ve heard from people, I actually didn’t think it was too bad!

The plot itself is nothing to rave about, but it had me hooked from the moment the film began with Kirk, Scotty and Chekov aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-B during her maiden voyage. My hubby had explained to me beforehand that the hallmark of this movie was the scene Captain Picard gets to meet Captain Kirk, in a symbolic “passing of the torch” moment of sorts. Secretly, I think he just wanted me to watch this movie to see Picard grovel in front of James T. Kirk. Anyway, disaster strikes when the Enterprise encounters two ships trapped in a mysterious energy ribbon. They manage to rescue some of the ships’ passengers and escape…but at the cost of Captain Kirk’s life, or so it appears. Even so, I swear I almost cried when they zoomed in on Scotty’s face and the realization dawned on me that for the characters of this time, this was essentially how they lost their hero.

Skip forward to the future, where Picard et al. are having a ceremony on a ship somewhere on the high seas:

Me: “What’s up with the ship and those uniforms?”
Hubby (in his sage Yoda voice):
“Well now, what do you think?”
Me: “Did they go back in time? Another case of cultural contamination? Cosplay?”
Hubby: “No, no, and no. Come on, think about it. What have I told you before? Anytime you see something that seems out of place or doesn’t make sense in The Next Generation, it’s…”
Me: “Oooh, the holodeck! Got it.”

So, that was my first exposure to the holodeck on-screen, everyone. And despite my husband’s cynical views, I actually think it’s great. Continuing on with the story, Picard and his crew end up finding themselves at odds with the villain Dr. Tolian Soran, a crazy scientist played by the awesome Malcolm McDowell. In the true fashion of all Star Trek villains, Soran harbors an evil and deadly plot that involves the destruction of an entire star system and millions of innocent lives. Now it’s up to Picard to save the day…with the help of a legendary captain who has been presumed dead for seventy-eight years.

Well, that was fun. Sure, it had its moments of pure cheese, but there were a lot of memorable scenes too. Kirk’s demise was so heartbreaking, it’s no wonder McDowell received death threats from crazy Trekkies for his character’s part in it (even though the thought of that is full of lulz). This was also a good introduction for me into the TNG characters. Perfect timing too, as I’ve finally finished watching all of Star Trek: The Original Series. Man, Data cracked me up with his new emotion chip. I had a good time overall, and I look forward to getting some ST:TNG together so I can start watching.


Breaking News: Sex And The City MMO

April 1, 2010

What a way to kick-start the month. Today will be marked as a momentous date in online gaming, with the exciting announcement of a new Sex and the City MMORPG based on the popular novel and hit TV series of the same name. Finally, long-time fans are able to experience this wondrous world from a player’s perspective, embarking on the epic quest for love — real love, ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love!

Strong visual appeal and engaging game play will be pivotal to the Sex and the City Online experience. People and places from the show will be brought to life in the game — meet your favorite legendary characters, or explore popular locations firsthand, like the breezy shores of The Hamptons or the trendy streets of downtown Manhattan. Start your own sexy journey using an unprecedented character creation system, which allows players to customize their character right down to the color and brand of nail polish.

The groundbreaking combat system will allow you to choose every slap, scratch, hair-pull and groin-kick in real time, perfect for fighting off those pesky alleyway muggers or for enacting revenge on the two-faced skank who stole your Dior sandals at that house party. Band together with your friends to explore instances and defeat treacherous enemies such as the evil Blue-Blooded mother-in-law. Test your mettle by waging epic warfare against others in PvP combat on the Madison Ave. Battleground, where players fight to compete for the elusive last pair of size 4 designer jeans. Challenge yourself with mini-games such as “Catch the cheating scumbag boyfriend,” “Set up a magical blind date” or “Throw the perfect baby shower.” SATCO provides a myriad of activities to suit every play style and need.

Players will be allowed to discover the game at their own pace through captivating storylines and thousands of dynamic quests. An innovative leveling system will allow you to gain experience through discussion of your personal desires and fantasies in life and love at social hubs. Acquire new knowledge and skills when you gain entry into high-priced restaurants, exclusive nightclubs and high profile fashion shows — receive extra skill points for bringing a date or meeting one there.

Other features include:

  • 6 Distinct classes, each with their own in-depth narrative and history — play as a popular Socialite or a discerning Fashionista!
  • Follow in the footsteps of your favorite SATC heroines, by choosing one of 4 exciting professions, each with unique boosts to certain skills — Newspaper Sex Columnist (+5 to Scathing Speech),  Modern Art Dealer (+5 to Love, Dating and Intimacy), Corporate Lawyer (+5 to Misandry) and Public Relations Manager (+5 to Promiscuity).
  • Fully customizable equipment — mix and match your outfits, including powerful accessories such as jewelry, purses, hats and more. Receive an extra bonus for color coordination.
  • Player housing — Customize your city loft apartment with options such as: walk-in closets with extra shoe storage, fashionable furniture pieces from rustic to pomo styles, shelves of Vogue and Cosmo magazines, and much, much more!