A Couple Things That Made Me Smile Today…

April 1, 2010

April Fools Day is almost over now, so I just wanted to share my appreciation for a couple MMO related pranks I found cute/funny.

Bioware reveals the Sarlacc Enforcer Class for Star Wars: The Old Republic with an elaborate Holonet entry, complete with writing in Aurabesh (the little symbols across the page) which says “To the original noodly appendage”, “Jawa extreme sport: Sarlacc salvage fishing” and the best part of all:

We wrote this haiku
To say we hope you enjoyed
Our April fools joke

(credit goes to Algiebba from the forums, from whom I got the above translations)

On second thought, scratch that. The best part of all was actually this:

Following a suggestion from Tipa, I also went to the WoW armory today to check out my World of Warcraft druid. I haven’t played the game since last October. I know that’s not that long to be away but gosh, the months of inactivity have not been kind to her.


  1. I thought that this particular “trick” from bioware/ lucas arts was certainly the pick of the bunch.

    Particularly as a lot of effort went into it, especially the small touch such as the aurabesh.

    As for WOW it certainly looks like your drood let herself go a bit

    • For sure, I’m once again amazed by the effort Bioware has put into something for their fans, even though the game itself still has at least a year to go until release.

      • I was almost disappointed to see it was a hoax, there has been so little info released so far and I am seriously looking forward to this.

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