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Someone Really Oughta Find And Fix That One Pesky Transporter…

April 2, 2010

Disaster! Captain T’Androma has been the latest victim of a transporter malfunction, resulting in the materialization of an identical copy of our fearless leader!

@Longasc makes sure his crew is working hard while T'Androma (left) scrutinizes her copy (right). "Do my eyebrows REALLY look like that?"

The second T’Androma wasted no time jump-starting her Starfleet career, joining fleetmate @Longasc’s crew as his newest tactical officer. The assignment was a timely one, as @Longasc was apparently on an urgent, dangerous and ultra-secret mission that required the immediate enlistment of the finest young female Vulcans Starfleet can offer! Now a Commander in her own right, the T’Androma copy has found happiness and fulfillment working aboard his ship alongside his other talented officers Mirror Tipa and @Arkenor, as well as her fellow female Vulcan officers M’Egan and F’Ox.

Note: Special thanks to Bluekae, Longasc and Tipa for introducing me to the joys of officer picture trading! And of course, for walking me through the process to make this happen.