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/Gawk – The Final Stretch

April 5, 2010

My Priest of Mitra is well on her way to level 80, with my ding of level 75 last night. The finish line is in sight, as I continue this photo travelogue through the savage world of Age of Conan. As usual, no shortage of screen caps from this game!

"Oh look, horsey! A big, dark scary cave! We must go in!"

Overheard in Global Chat (exact transcript, except with names substituted):

Player 1: wow wonderful graphics in this game!
Player 2: wait til you get to the waterfall zone..
Player 1: cant wait
Player 1: i have been wanting to play this game for a long time now
Player 2: pretty sad but that single zone is the reason I resubbed the other day, haven’t played since release
Player 3: welcome (Player 1) its great!
Player 2: but single pretties zone in any game I’ve ever played

The zone being referred to in the discussion above is, of course...Thunder River.

And another one…

This post needs moar waterfall.

Like I’ve said many times before in this blog, I really like the way you interact with the NPCs in this game. The camera angle changes, the NPC’s dialogue pops up (sometimes accompanied with a voiceover) and you’re given some choices on how you would like to respond. You get to meet a lot of interesting characters this way, and discover their back stories on top of picking up their quests. Sometimes I do wish there were more options available though.

How about adding an Option 5 for this guy, for example? Like, "How the hell do you chew your food?"

Sick and tired of snow, ice and boreal forests? Ready for a change of scenery? Welcome to the desert kingdom of Stygia, “the most infamous nation in the Hyborian mainland, the birthplace, home, and wellspring of the Priesthood of Set, the serpent god of darkness” (taken from the AoCWiki because there’s no possible way I could have written a cooler sounding description than theirs).

Old Tarantia had a serious problem with stray dogs. Stygia's capital of Khemi has a problem with...stray snakes?

Hot, dry and dusty, the zone of Kheshatta is littered with bugged mobs as a result of the big patch earlier this week, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had. The first NPC I met in this strange and beautiful land was Kayleigh ‘Twinkle’ O’Fili, a traveling poet waiting for news about her entertainment permit. She’s also one of the lucky NPCs to have a voiceover. The first time I spoke to her, I thought she sounded a little off. Then I realized, she was “singing” her dialogue to me!

Her nickname is "Twinkle" because of her dimples...which you can't see in this screenshot because she is hiding them from me.

In the last few days, I’ve gone twice with my guildies to the Death Master Camps, a quest area where you can grind a lot of experience by killing the mobs. I’m hoping to get to level 80 soon, and it looks like Kheshatta will take me the rest of the way there.

Ooh, it's like the Mirror Universe.