I DING 26 In Real Life

April 6, 2010

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Today, I celebrate my 26th birthday.

I feel good but to be honest, I quite enjoyed being 25. A quarter of a century was such a nice round number, and now I’m a quarter of a century plus one. It just feels…off! Anyway, I just told one of my friends this and she said, “You got carded last year for trying to buy GTA IV at EB Games, for @#$%’s sake, so shush and happy b-day!” So I guess I’ll stop QQing now and talk more happy!

Unfortunately, Mr. MMOGC is unable to be with me today since he works out of town during the week, but we did pre-celebrate with a nice dinner with friends this weekend. He also left me with a present — a Dell Inspiron Mini netbook so I no longer have to rely solely on my bulky gaming laptop when I travel or do other non-gaming things! I just shouted a big “Thank You!” to him over Vent.

So, on this date the 6th of April, 2010 I’m just going to throw all my worries away and enjoy myself!


  1. did you unlock any new skills?

  2. Birthday gift for the wife: Dell Inspiron Mini
    For building the “key” to any good marriage (communication): Ventrilo server
    Becoming day by day, more and more fit for each other: priceless

    There are some things in life money can buy. For everything else, there’s… providence?

    • Oops, I totally didn’t clue in as to why your post came so late at night. Happy Birthday to you!

  3. Congratulations! Let me give you a list of new abilities you have access to at level 26:

    Curse of Tongues rank 1, Life Tap rank 3, Detect Invisibility, Searing Pain rank 2.

    As detect invisibility often still fails to detect lost things, don’t hesitate to curse in a demonic language. 🙂

    The only times I felt somewhat odd upon a birthday were at 18 and later at 30. Since this time I feel free to play the old fart and to claim players who never experienced a MMO before WoW are lost souls.

    • I can’t believe you called her a Warlock! Meanie! 😛

      • Well, she does have a Warlock on her masthead.

    • LOL a lost soul be I!

  4. Be happy your so young, it only happens once to celebrate it all. So Happy Birthday.

    A new Laptop helps with a bit of happiness and some hubby points.

    Age gracefully.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy Barfday!

  7. Happy Birthday! Welcome to the wonderful world of level 26! You gain the ability “My Back Hurts” and “Grunt while getting out of bed”.

    Have a great one 🙂

  8. Happy birthday! I think 26 was my most favorite year :).

  9. Thank you, all! 😀

  10. 26? Lol noob!

    Seriously, happy birthday!

  11. happy birthday again. shrimp cocktails to celebrate!

  12. Happy Birthday!! I got a new laptop myself last night. Enjoy it. 🙂

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. Happy Burfday!

  15. Thanks for the bday wishes! I had a great day 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday!

  17. Happy Belated Birthday!

    Believe it or not, I dinged 37 the same day. Quite the coincidence.

    • Ahh, cool another April 6er! Happy belated bday to you too!

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