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Eh, There’s No Harm In Rooting For Your Favorite Developer

April 7, 2010

Folks on the Star Wars: The Old Republic forums and Bioware fans everywhere have been rallying for support in the final round of Escapist Magazine’s March Mayhem Developer’s Showdown.

It’s down to Bioware vs. Valve, two massive juggernauts that need no introduction in the world of gaming. Their contributions to gamers everywhere over the years have been numerous and profound.

It was a bit of a tough one even for me. Valve has Portal, Half Life, Team Fortress and Left 4 Dead under its belt, not to mention their work in digital distribution. But in the end, I had to go with Bioware, which has Baldur’s Gate, Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and the upcoming SWTOR, and is recognized for their role in revolutionizing RPGs with their story-driven elements. It was also nice to see that some of the other developers that I like fought the good fight — Rocksteady (Batman Arkham Asylum was awesome!), Bethesda, and Turbine among others.

May this final battle be a gentlemen’s duel, and good luck to both developers.


I Can Remember The Shire

April 7, 2010

For my birthday, my awesome brother got me the special edition of the Lord of the Rings trilogy on Blu-ray which just came out. I was so excited; I hadn’t seen these movies since they were first released in theaters back when I was still in university. Well, I know what I’ll be watching on TV while I do my drawings for the next couple of days! Three words (okay fine, technically two and an acronym): LOTR MARATHON TIME.

Folks who have been reading my blog for a while now know that I stopped playing Lord of the Rings Online in mid-February because Star Trek Online came out and sucked up all my gaming time. I always knew it wasn’t going to be a permanent hiatus, however; I enjoyed LOTRO way too much to give it up just like that. Since I’m at max rank in STO now and also just about to hit the level cap in Age of Conan, those two games haven’t been as demanding of my time anymore. I’m not big into alts either (World of Warcraft is the exception), but I’m still in the mood for leveling…so I’ve been seriously contemplating about making a return to Middle-earth. It’s either that, or rolling a Blood Elf (I know, shame on me) in WoW to experience Azeroth as a Horde character before Cataclysm changes everything.

Somehow I’ll find the time to do both at some point, but what first? Before this afternoon, the decision was still somewhat 50/50. I think I want to play LOTRO more because I didn’t get as far as I would have liked with it, and it’ll be a refreshing experience. But WoW is appealing too because my husband still plays and there’s no telling how much the early parts of the game will change, even though the expansion is still a long way off.

But curse these LOTR movies for making me miss Middle-earth so…damn…much. I’m an artist, I can’t help being a visual person. Remember how The Fellowship of the Ring starts off with Frodo running up to meet Gandalf as he rolls into town in his little horse-drawn cart? So beautiful, so serene. Seeing those images again reminds me of how much fun I had when I was in The Shire in LOTRO. I miss my Hobbit Minstrel and her funny little battle cry. I miss my little Hobbit house nestled into the green hillside. I miss the fields of yellow flowers, the peaceful lakeside views, the happy-go-lucky NPCs.

Hell, I even miss the pie-running.