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STO Fan Art: T’Androma And Sleer

April 12, 2010

Well, I said I wanted to do something Star Trek Online related and I did.

This piece took me a couple days, and originally started out with just T’Andy. But then I remembered what I had written for my crew bio for her dashing First Officer Mr. Sleer:

Wherever T’Androma goes, he goes, no exceptions. That means, when she’s solving a mystery on a spacedock, Sleer is there. When she’s scanning for anomalies on an alien world, Sleer is there. And when she’s running head on and screaming at the top of her lungs into a group of hostile Klingons, Braveheart style — yep, you got it. Sleer is there.

Okay, you get the point. Sleer is always there, so it only goes to follow that I must include him in the drawing as well. Of course, if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you this is just another way for me to indulge in my Spock fetish, an allegation I will neither confirm nor deny.

Anyway, here it is. And yes, I’m aware that Sleer’s medical tricorder looks like a Nintendo DS. You caught him — he’s not healing his captain, he’s playing Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

As usual, click to enlarge.