Good Weather = No Gaming and Kick-Ass

April 18, 2010

It was such a beautiful day out today, it didn’t feel right to stay in and play games. I’m just so happy the weather’s getting better, because it’s been a really crappy Canadian winter (seriously, is there any other kind?) and I was getting pretty sick of spending my weekends being cooped up inside. Seeing the sun out today made the outdoors simply irresistible, and so my husband and I spent our day out enjoying the sights and sounds of Toronto on this warm spring day.

We wrapped up our day with a trip to the movie theater tonight, where we ended up watching Kick-Ass, parts of which were filmed right here in the city, so in a way we got to enjoy Toronto onscreen as well. In fact, one scene in the movie was shot right outside the very theater we were sitting in, which made for a pretty surreal experience (ooh, I think I can see my house in that aerial shot!)

I’d been looking forward to this movie, since I’ve read and enjoyed the comic. For those who have also read it, I’m happy to say that the movie is quite different, so it would still be worth watching. I had a pretty good time with it, though I have to say I haven’t seen such ridiculousness and this many bullets fly in a movie since Shoot ‘Em Up. Can’t say I wasn’t thoroughly entertained though, once I threw all notions of reality out the window and just sat back and enjoyed the ride. In about 50 years I’m sure I’ll be looking back at this movie thinking, “Wow, what a loud, stupid waste of time this was!” but until then, I’m not going to feel bad about laughing my ass off.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ve touched my PC all day until now, and I have to say it feels great! I’ve noticed in the past that as the weather gets better, my gaming time tends to go down. Gotta enjoy these nice days whenever they come around, after all. I hope all my fellow gamers also had a fun and geek-tastic weekend.


  1. shoot ’em up comparison…omg

    now i’m contemplating whether or not i actually want to see kick ass.

    • I would say it’s comparable to Shoot Em Up in terms of violence and pure absurdity. Other than that, they are completely different movies.

      I didn’t think Shoot ‘Em Up was really that bad though, but it might have something to do with the fact I’m in love with Clive Owen.

      • As a married man, I’ll admit to having a man-crush on Clive Owen. He’s just so awesome in Children of Men.

      • First Khan and now Clive Owen…as man-crushes go, damn, you have good taste 😛

  2. About your reference to a really crappy Canadian winter (“is there any other kind?”), I would kindly submit that there is another kind, and the whole world got to see a bit of its wonder and glory during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. Although, I use the term “winter” loosely 🙂

    • BC is the exception, and you folks are so lucky. I remember hearing about your snow-melting troubles during the winter olympics, made me want to go out and scream at the sky, “Where the hell is OUR 10 degree weather, HUH?!?!”

      • 10 degrees C is cold! ;P

      • You crazy Canadians and your Celsius.

      • 10 degrees C is shorts and T-shirt weather!

      • Ha ha, well “real” science is done in degrees Kelvin, which is basically just Celsius minus the number 273. For Fahrenheit, I have no idea how anybody makes sense of anything (I jest, I jest). And I always forget what is freezing in Fahrenheit. In Celsius, freezing is zero and boiling is (supposed to be) 100. That, plus pretty much everybody else in the world uses Celsius. So that is my defense for the Celsius scale (and my less-than-subtle jibe at Fahrenheit) 😛

  3. Shoot ’em up …. with the shooter/slasher being an 11 year foul-mouthed teenybopper. (in terms of action, think Yoda in Episode 2)

    That help ?

  4. I just read the hardback trade for Kiss-ass and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, the wife and I don’t get out for movies very much (combination of different tastes and 18 month old toddler), I’ll add it to my Netflix queue though. Anymore, it takes a lot to get me to go to a theater when I know I can wait 3-6 months and see it at home. I must be getting old.

  5. Just saw Kick-Ass this weekend as well and loved it! Great minds think alike and all that :).

  6. I had a great winter. it barely snowed, it was warm. you don’t have to live in the tiniest corner of BC to have a good canadian winter. I live in the warmest province, nova scotia.

    • I guess it’s nice on both coasts. At least we don’t have it as bad as the prairie provinces, my cousins live in Calgary and the always get awful winters.

      I’ve been to Nova Scotia once, beautiful province.

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