Report To The Bridge

April 19, 2010

Cryptic was kind enough to have a “Tax Day Discount” sale this weekend, offering players 25% off everything in their Star Trek Online and Champions Online stores. I saw that a couple of my fellow fleetmates had taken advantage of the sale — Tipa is now flying around in her spiffy new Nimbus-class Deep Space Science Vessel, and Adventurer Historian is rocking his Klingon and Fed bridges. I mulled over it for a while until finally, I too decided to purchase something from the STO store. I was still sitting on 240 Cryptic points from the time I did their survey, after all…and those new Science bridges did look awfully tempting.

So, I swooped in this morning before the sale ended, and snagged myself the Federation Bridge Pack III. I gotta say, I like it. I like it a lot. Here, why don’t I let our fearless leader show you around?

This particular interior is called the “Compassion Bridge”. I know — compassion isn’t exactly the first thing I think of when I look at my Vulcan tactical officer either, but I simply adore the color scheme. It’s spacious, though no where near as large as my last bridge, which I swear was roomy enough to hold a U2 concert. At least, this one is a more realistically sized bridge for my compact little fleet escort.

These are “Research Science Vessel” bridges, but really, they can be used in any type of ship as long as it’s on a Federation character. The description for this pack states that all of them were “designed with the needs of medical and research missions in mind,” so why don’t we check in on our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ronbua and see what he thinks.

I recently realized that after giving each bridge officer their own biography, I’ve neglected to assign them their roles aboard my starship (beyond labeling them as “away” or “space”, that is). This oversight has since been amended and The U.S.S. Taiga now has senior staff! Let’s check out what some of them are up to. Like our Chief Engineering Officer for instance, the very talented Commander Donald C. Landsberry. 

Followed by a visit to the Senior Armory Officer, Lieutenant Ytap Onseriv, to check in on the state of our tactical systems and security staff.

And of course, no tour is complete without a look in on Mr. Sleer, the U.S.S. Taiga’s First Officer and Chief Science Officer. As you can see, despite his secret involvement with the captain, Commander Sleer is held to the same high standards as everyone else and is extended no preferential treatment or favoritism of any kind (Vulcans are waaaaaay too logical for that sort of drama, anyway).

One thing I do like about large bridges is that all my officers get to have a place on it; it just doesn’t feel right when any of them gets left out. I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tour of my new bridge as well as the update on some of the crew! I’ll come up with roles for the others soon enough. Until then…


  1. What great screen caps! The first is great, with T’Andy actually looking at the viewer.

    I think my favorite is the slouch one. A commander who sits on panels – finally! Really salt-of-the-earth, there.

    But in the second to last… are your arms crossed? Did you just do the “Exile” emote?

    • Ah haha! Damn, you saw through my exile pose. It was the closest I could get to the “ponder” look (because the in game ponder emote has her flailing her arms around stupidly and I hate it) and I angled it just enough to try to hide the other arm, but any more and Sleer would have been covered up.

      I noticed you got the same bridge pack, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

      • I’ve not even tried it out yet. Been playing AoC, and my ship is in deepspace, far from Sol.

  2. Very cool. 🙂

  3. I love it, I wish I could come up with clever bubbles. I went on a shopping spree on Saturday and Sunday and bought everything I thought I would want for the foreseeable future. I’m even in the right tier for the research bridges, though ironically I dislike them for want of a multi-seat command area where yy first officer could sit. So Tarah got stuck off to the side. :/

    • Not only that, I wish there was some way we could delegate where our officers sit. They seem to play musical chairs every time I visit the bridge.

      • Would love to be able to do that too.

  4. Nice screenshots. 🙂 Now I know what you’ve been doing spending so much time on your bridge. I’m looking forward to getting Bryn to admiral so I can laze about and bug my officers.

    • Yeah, I do spend a lot of time on my bridge. It’s where I can play with different emotes and take interesting screenshots in private without attracting any attention 😛

  5. I loved the screenshots. Makes me wish I was doing it that way for my stories. T’An has a lot of personality in those images.

    I’d also like to put my vote in for being able to choose which seat your Boffs take.

  6. […] right, the team that brought you “A Tour of a Klingon’s Bridge” and “Meet the Taiga Crew!” is back with its latest installment featuring the new ship interiors of Star Trek Online […]

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