What Did We Do To Deserve All These Goodies?

April 23, 2010

The first issue of Blood of the Empire is here! If you haven’t heard of it, that’s the new webcomic that was announced last month at the Star Wars: The Old Republic website. And now it’s part of today’s Friday Update. I quite enjoyed the last webcomic Threat of Peace (the hard copy is also coming out soon) so I’m looking forward to this one, which will feature a new perspective following the young Sith apprentice Teneb Kel.

We also got a Fan Friday, which was what a lot of us were expecting over at the SWTOR forums. The flow of information coming out about the game seems to be speeding up as we get closer and closer to E3, which was what the developers had said was going to happen.

Some of the highlights from the Fan Friday include a short work-in-progress video featuring some environment effects, which look amazing. As well, now I know how I’ll be getting around in a crazy ecumenopolis like Coruscant — a space taxi!

A good indication that we'll also get "mounts", perhaps?

SWTOR fans also got an extra treat yesterday with a new developer video on combat at the GameTrailers.com website. That’s the real news that’s making a splash and has gamers drooling all over themselves. I wouldn’t be a very good Bioware fan if I didn’t at least make a mention of it.

My favorite moment: "Get over here!" a la Scorpion in Mortal Combat! Who needs a silly little lightsaber?

“If you’re a player who wants to just get in there and wreak havoc, you can be maybe a Bounty Hunter or Trooper.”

Roger that, Bioware!

Bounty Hunters (my class of choice) got some extra love in the video. It appears they will be getting several cool abilities that are just positively nerdgasm-inducing: carbonite sprays, rocket backpacks and grappling hooks, oh my! Puny Jedi of the Republic, tremble before me because I’m coming for you!

The entire video is filled with spectacular looking footage and the combat looks very fun to me. Impressive, considering the release date is still a good year away. Definitely worth checking out.

They went all out this week, which begs the question — what’s next? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a webcomic to read.


  1. I’m wondering if/how they will handle healer classes. Medics? Or Healer Jedi? Either way it’ll be between that and a Trooper for me.

    • The closest thing to a healer jedi will probably be the Jedi Consular. A list of their confirmed abilities:

      * Benevolence – Healing ability to heal team members.
      * Clearcasting – A protection ability.
      * Force Pull – Draws an opponent closer.
      * Force Slam – Lifts an opponent into the air and slams him then into the ground.
      * Force Wave – 360 degree arc attack.
      * Meditation – Out of combat self heal abilty.
      * Mind Maze – CC ability.
      * Power Saber – Lightsaber attacks against multiple opponents

  2. “Who needs a silly little lightsaber?”

    I would say the guy being pulled through the air towards you. If I were him, I’d either be trying to cut myself free, or add the momentum of your pull to my first thrust when I land.

    Honestly, you’re fighting a guy with a laser sword, and you want to CLOSE the distance between you?

  3. I plan to ram such a blaster chaingun in someone’s ass and pull the trigger. 🙂

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