And We’re Back

April 24, 2010

WordPress seemed to have hit a snafu last night which caused my blog to go down for a good part of the day. It appears they have a system in place that monitors factors like specific links, number of pingbacks, or an increase of traffic, etc. on their sites, and if anything raises a red flag, the blog goes down.

Well, this system must have caught something they didn’t like in my last few posts, because I found my account locked down some time in the wee hours of the night. I gotta give a kudos to the WordPress staff, however, for getting back to me so quickly to tell me that it was a mistake on their end. They apologized for the disruption, but it did take another ten hours or so for my blog to come back online.

Anyway, that’s the explanation for the folks who were wondering, and I apologize for the downtime. No, I didn’t lock it down because I got fed up and started bad-mouthing all of you, nor did I suddenly decide to post lewd pornography! *wink*

Please feel free to enjoy my latest post before this whole mess happened, Do I Really Want The Retail Box? and thanks for the emails and comments I got from those who were concerned about this issue and were asking where my blog went. I’m glad there are actually people who read this thing.


  1. I was wondering what was going on. Good to see it’s back up 🙂

  2. The screen I got said your blog was restricted and that I had to sign up for WordPress to see it.

    As a side effect of that, I discovered that someone in wordpress is already using Yeebo as their username. What the heck? My next all purpose net user name shall be “kjdashjkfhjashj.”


  3. ZOLTAN!

  4. Must’ve been timed just right between yesterday evening and today, because I didn’t see that message or I would’ve emailed you to see what was up. 🙂

    Welcome back anyway.

  5. Yeah I usually check your blog in the early hrs of the morning while at wrk and kept getting the cannot access page. Got it for several hrs too, so it’s good they fixed it 🙂

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